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TAKEUSWITHYOU: Top 9 Things to Do in Oahu by Heather Goodman

February 16, 2017 4 min read

TAKEUSWITHYOU: Top 9 Things to Do in Oahu by Heather Goodman

Aloha everyone! My name is Heather Goodman (@hbgoodie) and I'm a photographer here on the North Shore of Oahu. I get to take pictures for a living, which is pretty rad because it connects me to awesome companies like Albion Fit! I love working with Albion because not only are their products great (I personally love the swimsuits, they're pretty much my daily outfits!), but they're so fun and easy to work with!

I've lived here on the island for almost a couple years now and have fallen in love. Because I'm constantly shooting, I'm always out to look for the best locations around Oahu. So I wanted to share my top favorites for you to come enjoy next time you visit this paradise we call home! These are my top 9 to do and see.

1. Trampoline at Pounders Beach

Up in the country of the North Shore, occasionally someone puts up a trampoline for the locals to enjoy a jump in the ocean! If you're lucky enough to catch it before it breaks, you get to hop around and watch the sun set over the mountains. It can be a little crowded, so be respectful and wait your turn! There's really no method of knowing if the trampoline is going to be there - it comes and goes. Either way, the beach is gorgeous and is usually a great snorkeling spot anyways!

2. Waves at Keiki Beach

If you're lucky enough to come in the winter time, you're gonna see some HUGE waves! I personally love watching the waves and jumping around in the foam at Keiki beach. It's on the right of Shark's Cove on the North Shore. Obviously you're not going to be swimming, but hearing the crash of the waves on the sand is unreal and splashing in what we call "Hawaiian Snow" is guaranteed fun!

3. Surfing at Turtle Bay

Well, it's one of my favorite spots! Turtle Bay is great because even beginners can catch a fun ride there. They offer surf lessons, board rentals, and a whole bunch of other tours, so it's just a really fun spot to be on the North Shore. You can also snorkel on the east side of the resort if surfing isn't really your thing! Oh and you might even see turtles! :)

4. Lunch at Kahuku Farms

I pretty much crave this place once a week! Kahuku Farms is a cute little farm-to-table lunch spot in Kahuku, which is close to the North Shore. We love to ride our bikes there and grab smoothies, vegetarian pizza, and banana bread! They also sell fresh fruit there and you can even take a tour of the farm. It's yummy and healthy, so you can see why it's my favorite! 

5. Hike to Pillbox Lookout Point 

If you're looking to get your blood pumpin' and hoping to see great views, then you'll enjoy one of my favorite hikes on the North Shore: The Sunset Pillbox Hike! You can just park at the Sunset Elementary school and the trail is pretty easy to follow. I love watching the waves come in from the distance and sometimes we even spot chameleons! It can get pretty muddy though, so I don't recommend going barefoot although your inner jungle woman will probably want to. This is my favorite spot to watch the sunset, and it's always made even better with friends.

6. Exploring Kawela Bay

This is one of my all around favorite spots to spend the day. Kawela Bay is the type of place you envision when you picture your Hawaiian vacation. That might also be because tons of movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Hunger Games was filmed here! You can climb the huge banyon tree, snorkel the crystal clear waters, and wander through endless coconut trees. Oh and don't forget to grab your lunch from the fruit stand across the street! To get here, simply drive the Kam highway west of Turtle Bay and park when you see the fruit stands across from the jungle.

7. Crouching Lion Hike 

Crouching Lion is an Oahu classic. You climb through gorgeous jungles and are surrounded by stunning green mountains while overlooking the prettiest blue bay. It really doesn't get any better than this hike!! To get there, park on the south end of Kahana Bay and follow the trail up the mountain. Be prepared to get a little muddy and climb pretty steep at first!

8. Lulumahu Falls 

Lulumahu Falls is by far my favorite waterfall hike because it's pretty easy but so rewarding! You pass through a bamboo forest, a beautiful valley, and some small falls before getting to the end result: a massive waterfall that you can swim in and explore! It's best to do this hike after some rainfall because sometimes the river dries up. Also, with all Hawaii hikes, you're going to want some bug spray and sturdy shoes that you don't mind getting muddy. It's a little hard to explain how to get to this hike, so I would recommend googling it beforehand! It's on the south east end of the island near the Pali Highway.

9. Shark Diving in Haleiwa

Okay you're going to think I'm crazy but going shark diving has been my favorite thing I've ever done while living in Hawaii! You can book your tour in Haliewa and they take you out on a boat to go swim with sharks! I'm normally pretty scared of the ocean, but they make you feel safe and comfortable and it ends up being such a neat experience. Totally recommend doing if you're out here visiting!


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