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Mother’s Day Breakfast: Cantaloupe Parfait

May 03, 2022 2 min read

Mother’s Day Breakfast: Cantaloupe Parfait
Here at Albion, we fully believe that mothers should be spoiled daily! But with Mother’s Day coming up, we wanted to share something extra special. While breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day is a given, this cantaloupe parfait recipe is unique, beautiful, delicious, and the perfect way to start her special day.

Out of all our daily meals, breakfast seems to be the most difficult to keep healthy. The first meal of the day has become filled with sugary options that don’t properly fuel our bodies. However, this Mother’s Day breakfast idea is a healthy option that can be customized to suit her specific dietary needs. Whether she’s dairy or gluten free, or prefers raspberries over blueberries–feel free to take this recipe as a starting place and run with it! Plus, cantaloupe is a super fruit, packed with vitamin C and A, potassium, and is 90% water which means our bodies digest it slowly, preventing a blood sugar spike.

How To Make A Cantaloupe Parfait

1 ripe cantaloupe
½ cup greek yogurt
½ cup granola
¼ cup berries

Begin by cutting your cantaloupe in half with a sharp knife. Use a spoon to scoop out the seeds of the melon until only the fruit remains. Fill the center of the melon with ½ greek yogurt and ½ granola. Top with fresh berries of your choice! Serve with a side of extra toppings that can be added as needed.

We recommend serving the cantaloupe parfait with some toast and a delicious drink to round out the meal. Also add some fresh flowers, a handmade card, and an Albion gift card to make her meal extra special!

Happy Mother’s Day to all women out there, from all of us at Albion!

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