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How To Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

May 12, 2022 2 min read

How To Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Stop boredom before it starts, this Summer! With the school year coming to an end, we’re using this time to prepare for the break by creating The Bored Jar to keep the kids entertained. No longer will we hear the inevitable call of boredom from the little ones once the long Summer days set in. Instead, The Bored Jar will be at the ready for whenever monotony begins to strike.

This quick and easy DIY for keeping kids entertained during Summer break will be something the entire family will love! We’ve come up with a list of ideas that you can print off and add to your jar, or fill out your own to personalize it to your family’s lifestyle. From doing a puzzle, to calling a grandparent, to building a fort, these activity ideas will keep kids busy all Summer long.


How To Make A Bored Jar



- Wide Mouth Jar

- Label

- Marker

- Scissors

- Printable Activity Sheet 



Begin by creating your “The Bored Jar” label. We used paint markers to ensure our label stood out and stayed put. Feel free to use a larger label and let the kids decorate it! Stick the label to the front of the jar.

Print off our activity sheet and cut each activity out, or print off the blank version and come up with your own activity ideas. Fold the papers in half then place into the jar.

Place the jar on a shelf where it is easily accessible all Summer long!


We recommend stocking up on any needed supplies for the added activities before Summer starts (New puzzles, tie dye supplies, etc.) just be sure to keep them hidden as a fun surprise! This way you are ready whenever they draw that specific suggestion.

Make this the best Summer yet for you and your kiddos! With tons of ideas for entertaining kids during Summer vacation, The Bored Jar is sure to become a staple in your household just as it has become in ours.


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