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Best Swimsuits for Full Coverage with UV Protection

April 21, 2022 3 min read

Best Swimsuits for Full Coverage with UV Protection


We know there’s nothing quite like the sun on your shoulders…but we also know that the sun can be really hard on our skin! Some people are more likely to get sunburned than others, especially people with fair skin or who are at higher elevations. But let’s face it, just about anyone can get sunburned, which puts you at risk for a painful few days and long-term health impacts. Even when you don’t burn, sun exposure makes your skin less healthy (hi, wrinkles) and increases your skin cancer risk.

Sunscreen offers great protection, and you should totally use it, but if you want to worry less about your shoulders and arms then we have some great rash guards to keep you protected all day long! All of our suits have SPF 45 protection, but for maximum coverage our rash guards are the way to go. We (and medical pros) also recommend sunglasses (your eyes can get sunburned, ouch!) and a wide-brimmed hat to keep you safe while you enjoy those gorgeous UV rays. 

Want to grab some of the prettiest sun protection you’ll ever put on? Whether you pick a two-piece or one-piece option, these rash guards will keep you cute and covered while they lower your risk of sun damage. Win-win!


Kiddos are at higher risk for sunburn than adults! They also come with the added challenge of trying to keep up with sunscreen when all they want to do is get in the water right now. Reduce your wrestling time with short or long sleeve rashguards for girls! 

All of our girls' rash guards come as sets (two pieces make restroom trips a breeze!) to keep little girls adventuring with confidence.

Our newest short-sleeve rashguard for girls is a favorite for sure! The blue floral print feels girly and fun, while the short sleeves and higher neck keep your mini’s sensitive skin protected from the sun. 

For even more coverage, our long sleeve rash guards for girls go right to her wrist. Our stylish Houndstooth print is perfect for matching mom! 



If you want the coverage of a long sleeve rash guard in a one-piece swimsuit, this is the one for you! The tie at the neck makes getting in and out easier and adds a flirty detail to the open back. With colors ranging from Carolina’s black floral to the light and bright Santorini, you’ll find a print that you love!

Also available in CarolinaStevie, and Golden Hour



Covered shoulders and a high neckline combine to make this sporty and flattering rash guard top a summer favorite! Full coverage in front and back, you can pair this one with matching high waisted bottoms for the look and support of a one-piece with the freedom of a two-piece. 

Our rash guards for girls and women offer the best of style and function. You shouldn’t have to choose between those things! Take a look at our size guide to help figure out your perfect size to shop with confidence. See you at the pool!

Also available in: Rosewood



For full coverage and the ease of a two-piece suit, our Long Sleeve Rash Guard is the perfect option. The ultimate SPF rash guard, this top is rocking two of our favorite micro floral prints this season. Pair them with matching bottoms, or mix and match for your own unique style!

Also available in: Wailea

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