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Social Distancing Summer Activities

June 02, 2020 2 min read

Social Distancing Summer Activities

Summer is basically here and we've got to tell you... we ADORE this time of year. The warm weather, being outside, making memories- what’s not to love?
Even though social distancing is part of our summers this year we are determined to make this season safe and AMAZING. So we came up with some ideas you and your family can enjoy to make this summer one to remember. 

1. Water Balloon Volleyball

Grab your suit (we have a few suggestions ;) ), grab the kids and have some fun playing Volleyball with a water balloon. Regular Volleyball rules apply but with the added twist that if the balloon pops on your side the other team gets a point!

*After the game, have some more fun by starting a water fight!

2. Drive-In

If your area permits, have a family or date night at the Drive-In. Make your own snacks beforehand, pop some popcorn and enjoy a flick outdoors.

Another idea? Set up your laptop outside for a Movie Date-Night. Bring out some blankets, cushions and snuggle up to enjoy a movie under the stars.

3. Backyard Camp Out

Enjoy everything you love about camping in the comforts of your backyard. Grab your family, pitch a tent, tell stories, play games and sleep in the great outdoors.

*What’s camping without s’mores?! You don’t need a fire pit to roast marshmallows, use your oven! Place the graham, chocolate and marshmallow on a pan and place it in your oven on broil. Keep a close eye on it so it doesn't burn. Put them on a plate and enjoy them outside!

4. Backyard Karaoke Concert

With so many summer concerts canceled, why not create your own with your family? Set up chairs in the backyard, create the perfect playlist, pull out some hair brushes and perform a karaoke concert for each other.

5. Make a Movie

Channel your creative side and make a family movie! Write, direct, costume and act out your movie masterpiece. This will be a keepsake you’ll have forever.

6. Visit The Lake Or The Beach

If your area permits, head to the beach or lake with your family. Pack a picnic, towels, sunscreen, lawn chairs, a couple of balls to throw around and enjoy a day by the water with your loved ones.

7. Workout Outside

Summer is a great time to get your workout on OUTSIDE. Check out our at-home exercises you can do in your yard!

8. Outdoor Candlelight Dinner or Picnic

For a romantic date night at-home, grab some candles and enjoy a romantic dinner at home or in your yard.

You can support your local businesses by ordering takeout or you can check out some of our Tasty Tuesday recipes and cook dinner with your partner.


9. Take a Drive, Hike, Walk or Bike Ride

Grab your fam or partner and take a drive, hike, walk or bike ride to enjoy the cool breeze, blue skies and lush greens of summer.


10. Flashlight Tag

Head outside to play tag with a twist! Regular tag rules apply but instead of touching someone to be “it” you “tag” them with a flashlight. 

What are some of your fave summer activities?

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