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Nursing Friendly Suits

April 09, 2020 3 min read

Nursing Friendly Suits

Finding a swimsuit can be tricky no matter what stage of life you’re at, but it can be even harder for some temporary phases like breastfeeding. Who wants to go shopping for a swimsuit right after you’ve had a baby? Probably no one! We know that, which is why we’ve designed suits that can transition easily from maternity to postpartum with comfort and style.

So the question is,"What swimsuits work well for nursing mamas?" We know life doesn’t stop when you’ve got a new baby, and we want you to feel confident when you’re ready to venture out with your new baby. 

What are some things new moms should look for in a nursing-friendly swimsuit?

Accessibility:We all know how hard it is to get a wet swimsuit off! Suits that work well for nursing will give you easy access for a quick feeding session.

Adjustability:Your body can change a lot while you’re nursing. Having adjustable straps helps you keep your level of support just right.

Coverage:No one wants to use a heavy (possibly wet) beach towel as a nursing cover. The right swimsuit will give you coverage to nurse comfortably, whether you like to use a cover or not.

With those things in mind, meet Albion’s nursing-friendlyswims! We've designed multipleone-piece swimsuits to be flexible and adjustable for new moms! We also have plenty of bikini tops that work great for nursing moms. If you have a new baby or struggle to find asuit that keeps you covered & comfortable, keep on scrolling to see our favorite suggestions!


Top Knot One Piece, Black Checkers

Also available in: Pink Checkers

Supportive straps, a stylish open back, and an adjustable tie in the front that provides nursing access and keeps your fit “just right” no matter what. The Top Knot is here for you whether you’re just getting started nursing or you’re a total pro.


The Florence

Also available in: The Muse, The Palm, Paradise Lost, Pink Checkers, The Victoria, and Midnight Dash

You can’t beat Florence for versatility! This suit’s pretty ruching works great for maternity and easily transitions with you to postpartum and nursing. Wide, soft straps are easy to slide for nursing and keep everything supported when you’re ready to jump back in the pool.



Moms are total superheroes—you  need a stylish cape! This suit provides coverage with a feminine touch, and a v-neck that makes nursing easy. The belt is optional, but the flirty sleeve is absolutely required.


Belle, Black Checkers

Also available in: Pink Checkers

Hello, tie straps! Belle is super adjustable, helping you get the right support while your body is constantly changing. Nursing is a breeze when you can just untie a strap instead of peeling off a wet swimsuit!


Natalie, Ocean + Coral

Also available in:  Hot Tropic, The Charleston, The Kate and The Daphne

Don’t let this dainty strap fool you—it’s more supportive than you might think! Natalie provides a little more coverage in front, while still helping you nurse easily thanks to those shoulder ties. We love a fun, flirty detail that is so functional!




Tied Up Tankini, Pink Checkers

Also available in: Midnight Dash, and Daisy

Do you want the ease of a two-piece suit, but with plenty of coverage? The Tied Up Tankini is the perfect solution. Tie straps help you adjust your support and nurse easily, while an adorable frill keeps your tummy covered. Pair with some high-waisted bottoms and you’re good to go!


Rise Bralette, Lulu Floral

Also available in: The CharlestonButterscotch Plaid, and Garden Rose

The comfort of a sports bra with adjustable straps that will work for you all day long. This low-impact top is ready for yoga (mama needs a break!) or a swim with your favorite mini human.


Top Knot Crop, Houndstooth

Also available in: Black CheckersDaisy Top KnotButterscotch Plaid, and Matte Black

A stylish bikini top with sporty straps to keep you comfortable! A little more coverage than a traditional bikini, the Top Knot Crop is the perfect mix of support and classic beach style, making nursing a breeze.


Icon Wave, Chocolate Palm

Also available in: Matte Black, Periwinkle and Orchid

The Icon Wave brings so much unique style! This one-shoulder cut gives great coverage and support without sacrificing any of the fun. A nursing-friendly bikini top that is fashion-forward and ready to go on an adventure!




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