Mommy and Me Total Body Workout


We teamed up with Mackenzie White for a total body workout routine that you can do with your mini! This is a great circuit if you are short on time and don't have someone to watch your toddler! How cute are these matching Dusk Check Rompers? Perfect for you and your mini this summer!
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1. Dumbbell Push Press

(15 reps)

Holding dumbbells in front of shoulders, sit hips back and down touching elbows to knees at the bottom of the squat, then squeeze your glutes to stand back up. Press dumbbells overhead at the top.

2. Push-Up + Knee Crunch

(10 reps each side)

Perform a push-up keeping your core tight and head in line with spine, then using your abs, crunch your right knee to your right elbow, then left knee to left elbow.


3. Dumbbell Sumo Squat + Upright Row

(15 reps)

With feet set wide, knees and toes turned out and dumbbells hanging between your legs. Sit hips back and down pressing knees out, then squeeze your glutes to stand back up. Pull elbows to the sides of the room, dumbbells stop at lower chest.

4. Dumbbell Forward Stepping Lunge + Bicep Curl

(10 reps each leg)

Starting with your feet together, step one foot far enough forward that when you bend your back leg down to the ground, you have a 90 degree angle bend in each knee. Perform a bicep curl at the bottom of the lunge, then push off the front foot to squeeze the legs back together.


5. Dumbbell Chest Press + Lower Abs Extension

(15 reps)

Lying on your back, stack your knees directly above your hips and bend your knees to 90 degrees. Perform a chest press, keeping your shoulders rolled back and down, then slowly press your legs straight while keeping your low back down, then slowly bring the legs back to the table top position.


6. Single Leg Tricep Extension

(10 reps each leg)

Standing on one leg, hinge forward so your torso is squared to the ground. Extend your opposite leg straight behind you to create a straight line from the crown of your head to your heel. Pin your elbows to your ribs with arms bent to 90 degrees. Then extend your arms straight, squeezing the back of your arms.


7. V-Up Crunch

(15 reps)

Lying on the floor with lower back pressed into the mat, extend your legs straight above hips and arms straight above shoulders. Slowly lower you legs toward the ground while lowering your shoulders toward the ground. Then lift your legs back up and crunch your fingers to your toes.


8. Plank

(60 seconds)

With a straight strong back and elbows directly below shoulders, ribs pressed to hip, and glutes and quads tight, hold position with out letting your lower back sway.


9. New Jacks

(15 reps)

Jump into a sumo squat, knees and toes pressed out, then jump as high as you can to bring the feet together. Squat back and down, then jump as high as you can to land back in sumo squat position.