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Liz's VERY MOST FAVORITE Albion items (and yes, I can have favorites)

April 20, 2020 3 min read

Liz's VERY MOST FAVORITE Albion items (and yes, I can have favorites)

Can I have favorites? You bet I can! Whether it's for work, for a trip, or to the beach, I've got a handful of pieces that go with me every single time and it just wouldn't be right for me not to share!

So here they are in no particular order, my top 3 MUST have Albion pics.

First, if you haven't tried our Jetsetters, or as I lovingly call them, my "comfy enough to sleep in but I can wear them to work and on a date/lunch/doing laundry/going on a hike/you get the idea pants" YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE ME FOR THIS ONE! 

Jetsetters, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

1. Lightweight, wrinkle-free, and quick drying. They are my go-to for EVERY trip I go on because they take up zero room and are so... 

2. VERSATILE! As a working woman and a mom and someone who's doing what feels like a million different things a day, I need a jogger I can wear for every occasion that can be switched up with just a different top or shoes. I wear them with heels for dinner, my tennies for Disneyland (because they dry SO FAST after all those water rides!)  and a wedge or slip ons for work or errands. 

3. The zippers are just so classy. They are a dead-giveaway and when I see those zippers on someone, it just feels like we're in the same club and WE GET IT.

4. They are very flattering and a great alternative to denim for casual looks.

5. The waistband is a drawcord so you get the perfect fit and they aren't restrictive.


Classic Black- I have them in petite and in standard length because I like them to hit past my ankles in winter and then more cropped when it's warmer (and yes they also come in TALL!).

We launch NEW limited edition colors every month to our email list first (sign up here because they are the best and we offer discounts and VIP access to launches and all the good stuff!). This poppyis a favorite! Hannah the model is wearing a petite here and she's 5'5.

And I'm not alone-- this is a pic we took at the office when one day we ALL had Jetsetters on and it was NOT intentional, it was in fact, fate. 

(That's me in the mustard top-- hi!).

Next up:

My favorite swimsuit. Now this one is tough! I'm 5'3, 125lbs, and have a more athletic build.  I'm all about suits that feel slimming, stay in place, and let me do FUN things without risking anything falling out. For me, that's the Bon Voyage.


It comes in a BUNCH of different color ways. I also love the same fit in the Island Fever print. And okay, okay, I'm a sucker for the Maria, too, because I have NEVER seen anyone not look amazing in it.  Truly. The mesh. The sweetheart neckline. The beautiful back. It's a winner and it also comes in other colors (hello cheetah!)

Last but not least, our joggers, specifically, our AT EASE JOGGERS. 

They are hands down the most FLATTERING and COMFORTABLE joggers you'll ever put on and they are simply too cute to be called sweats. You will sleep in them. You'll work in them, you'll take them on walks, and you'll even dress them up with a button down chambray and cute white sneakers and look like a million bucks. You need them. You. NEED. Them. The only bummer is that they're almost always sold out and we try our best to keep them in stock but it's hard, guys!  Speaking of guys... they also come in MEN'S and if you buy them for your significant other they will buy you all the roses and let you pick all the restaurants and movies forever and ever so you're welcome.

So there you have it! I want to know if you've gotten any of these and what you think in the comments. So let me know!  I'll try to keep this updated but to be honest, it will be just adding to these because these will be my most absolute favorites forever and ever, amen.




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