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Holiday Traditions To Start Now

November 30, 2021 3 min read

Holiday Traditions To Start Now

Holiday PJ's For The Entire Family

The holidays are here and now is the perfect time to start some new, seasonal traditions with those you love! We've got the perfect, matching Christmas pj's to pair with these easy holiday traditions for the family, so get dressed up (or down), cozy up, and add these fun activities to your December bucket list!

My husband and I make a holiday bucket list every year of traditions we want to experience that Christmas season. But my favorite item on our list has to be that we cook a fancy meal at home together. We set the table really nice (my husband even bought a medieval, metal dinnerware set that we eat off to really embrace the holiday spirit) and we listen to thrifted Bing Crosby records.


My family kicks off the holiday season with Christmas Bingo. After we finish eating Thanksgiving dinner, we all sit down to play. My mom buys ten, $5 dollar prizes for the winners. The gifts can be anything from a $5 dollar Starbucks gift card to chapstick, or sometime it's just a $5 bill! She will number the prizes and you pull a number from a jar, whatever number you pull that's what prize you get. Once you win twice you can't win again so more people have a chance at a prize!



In my family Christmas Eve is just as great as Christmas morning! We always make soup for dinner and my dad makes sure there are a few different kinds to choose from. After dinner we read the Christmas story out of the bible or if all the grandkids are together they will act it out. Then we get to open up two presents—the first is always new pj's to wear that night and the second is from our sibling secret Santa! I love these little traditions and look forward to them every year!



Growing up, my parents would get the family a new board game to play every Christmas Eve. We would change into our Christmas pj's and all sit together at the dining table. It was always a game we had never played before, so we had a lot of fun learning and it helped the night go by more quickly (especially as anxious kids excited for Santa to come)! My husband and I have carried on the tradition and have found some of our favorite games this way, and though we're not anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival anymore, we love the time we get to spend together as a family.



Instead of a traditional Christmas dinner, we have a large Italian feast! It reminds us of our family's heritage plus the food isn't too complicated to make and even the pickiest of eaters are happy. It makes Christmas day cooking A LOT easier, everyone gets involved, and it makes the experience personal for the whole family.


Every year we get dressed up and go see The Nutcracker Ballet in Salt Lake. My dad's uncle was Mr. C, who did all the choreography for Ballet West's production, so it's a part of my family's heritage!



Make this season, and every year after, extra special with these easy holiday traditions your family will love! Don't forget to snag these matching holiday pajamas for the whole family, that you can wear all year long!


Green and Red Holiday PJ's

Holiday Lounge Jumpsuit

Red PJ Dress

Holiday Pajamas For Kids




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