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DIY Christmas Crafts: How To Paint Ornaments

December 02, 2021 1 min read

DIY Christmas Crafts: How To Paint Ornaments

Easy Christmas Craft

No Christmas Tree decorations? No problem! We've got the easiest and cutest ornament tutorial to create modern Christmas decorations you will love for years to come. You can decorate your Christmas Tree for $40 or less and it won't require any artistic skills. Check out our tutorial below to create the perfect, aesthetically pleasing ornaments to fit your personal holiday style!


DIY Christmas Ornaments Supplies: 

1. Acrylic Paints

2. Clear Plastic Ornaments

3. Drop Cloth (can be a paper plate, or anything to catch dripping paint)


How To Make Painted Christmas Ornaments: 

1. Pick out acrylic paints that best match your home decor aesthetic

2. Start with clear plastic ornaments, and remove their tops

3. Pour about 1 tbsp of paint inside each ornament

4. Roll the ornament around to evenly disperse the paint, until it is completely covered

5. Repeat with each color as many times as you like 

6. Let the ornaments dry overnight

7. Replace the ornament topper and hang on the tree


Which colors will you be using to create your perfect DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments? Be sure to tag us on Instagram, @albionfit, if you give this tutorial a try!

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