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Happy Mother's Day from The Albion Team

May 06, 2017 4 min read

Happy Mother's Day from The Albion Team

There's truly nothing more beautiful than the love of a child; whether that child is your own perfect baby, a sweet niece or nephew, darling grandchild, little neighbor friend, etc. Family is family and the way we see it, every woman has the opportunity to be a mom-like figure in some little ones life. Today we celebrate women and all the ways they've influenced us for the better! Here's to our mamas, step-moms, grandmas, aunts, neighbors, teachers, mentors and friends! The work you ladies do is unparalleled and we couldn't be more appreciative. 

In honor of such a special day dedicated to the amazing mothers in our lives, we decided to share a few quotes about motherhood from these sweet Albion loving moms. Enjoy and know how truly loved you all are. Happy Mother's Day from The Albion Team.

"I've only known you for a short while, but it feels like I've known you forever. I can feel my heart beating, but I see it running around in front of me. A love so sweet that it hurts. I couldn't possibly love any more, and then I do. Everything makes sense and doesn't all at once. But this I know for sure: "mama" is my favorite person to be." - @herheartandhome

"You probably won't remember all these little adventures. But I believe they leave an impact on your heart and I know I will forever remember these moments. The ear to ear smile the first time you went surfing on daddy's back, the tears when I pull you out of the pool because you could literally swim all day, or the constant reminder in your cute little voice to watch out for "jag-liars (jaguars) and sharks" in the jungle. This is pura vida. #momlife." - @hellofashionblog

"In the second grade my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, and I responded "A mom". I always knew that I wanted to be a mother, but I had no idea how much joy it would bring me! My daughters are the light of my world." - @haileydevine 

You go through big chunks of time where you're thinking,
"this is impossible, oh this is IMPOSSIBLE".
And then you just keep going and going,
and you sort of do the impossible.
-Tina Frey

"Being a mother is hands down the hardest, yet the most important and beautiful role I have. This Tina Frey quotes says it perfectly. There have been many times where I've felt defeated, unqualified, and felt that things were impossible. Yet, I wake up the next day and take care of my children. We as mothers often think that we aren't doing enough, we aren't enough, we aren't doing enough cool crafts etc. But in the eyes of our children, we are their superheroes. They think the world of us, because us moms we are amazing." - @stylefitfatty

"Motherhood! What a special word. I don't mean to make this about myself, but I truly feel that my kids have taught me more than I have taught them. They allow me to view life with a better perspective through a lens that captures the simplest joys + most sincere dreams. They see life in a way the I want to see it. Intentionally invested in all that they do. They are kind, anxious to learn, quick to forgive, they are brave, energetic (understatement) + pretty much our favorite thing about this life. My favorite thing about motherhood is the way that it pushes me to be the very best me I can be.We have fingerprints on everything, superhero costumes coming out our ears + hearts that have never been more full. These boys have molded me into a mother that I didn't think I could become. Best part - we are just getting started!" - @gparrish 

"Motherhood reached deep down inside of me and pulled out who I was always supposed to be. I am so honored that I get to be Olive's mama (and hopefully a mama to a lot more babies). I try to soak up each moment of everyday with her and enjoy the good, the hard and the beautiful! I love it all." - @steph__pollock

"I never knew how full my heart could feel until I became a mother. I cannot even describe it in words, but life has new meaning and everything before doesn't matter as much. Motherhood gives you purpose, and your passion to be a better person and role model is heightened to a level that you never knew existed." - @notummymommy

"I love being a mother. I love my children. I love my husband for supporting my desire to become a mother. It's hard work, but good work and that's the kind of work I want to do for the rest of my life - hands down. It's my greatest accomplishment, and the reason I fought so hard to come back to this earthly life after my accident." - @nieniedialogues

"Motherhood. Blood, sweat and tears. But all you really remember are those sweet memories that touch your heart along the way. The way your littlest holds your hand while breastfeeding. The way your biggest gives you a huge hug after a long, tough day at school. Memories that will live long after they have their own families." @lynzyandco


"I always knew I wanted a family, but I never imagined I would have a big one. Then I had my first baby, and even though it was incredibly hard, I loved it so much. It brought more meaning to my life than I could have ever imagined. This incredible love led to another, then another and another baby giving me 4 little blessings that I am thankful for everyday. To all you mamas working so incredibly hard everyday to raise the future, you are all heroes!" - @bwmcfitness 




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