April 28, 2021


Getting the perfect picture can be a challenge—especially when posing as a couple! That’s why we decided to sit down with mama, model, photographer, and friend of Albion, Jessica Janae for some expert tips. With years of experience and wisdom, she’s become a pro at working all the right angles. 
Check out Jess' top five posing tips for couples and snap the perfect pic on your next adventure or date night! 

For this pose, keep your arms away from the shoulders as it can draw the eye away from your faces. Instead, keep the hands and arms soft to create a more comfortable look.


When doing this pose, avoid stacking your arms on top of each other. Separate your arms and add movement, like leaning slightly to the side, to keep it from looking too stiff.


To avoid the person at the back being hidden, have them step towards the camera so their face catches the light. Make sure the person in the front relaxes into the pose. Try having them place their hands in their pockets and look over their shoulder at their loved one.


This pose is a go-to for a reason, but we recommend making it look more fun and flirty! Lean into each other, rather than standing shoulder to shoulder, and stand with your feet apart for a more relaxed look!


Skip the hand holding, which can make a couple look distant and awkward, and go for a shoulder hug! The shoulder hug looks much more relaxed and affectionate, especially when the couple is looking at each other.

After you’ve mastered these poses, you’ll be sure to snap a picture worth remembering for years to come! Whether you’re on vacation and want a cute pic, or getting professional family photos taken, these tips are golden.