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Destination Series: Islas Secas, Panama

February 25, 2020 1 min read

Destination Series: Islas Secas, Panama

Every year we pick a new destination for our big swim launch campaign. 


Palm trees, sun, all the beaches, all the adventures, all our favorite people and yes... all the delicious food! This year was no different and if I dare say so myself, it was the best trip yet!


Islas Secas, Panama


Jessica Janae (only her 7th trip) photographer extraordinaire, stylist, hair + makeup, and Harry Potter aficionado

Salome Brimhall (5th trip) model + chill factor + workout inspiration (she's got 1 year old twins for crying out loud)

Jess and Garrett Gee (2nd trip) travel experts + part-time models + danger junkies (but maybe only to drive Liz crazy)

Lyssie Loo (2nd trip) videographer, photographer, and model 

Hannah Yandow (3rd trip) model + dance talent

Rachel Brockbank (1st trip) model + lead vocals


The Islas Collection, with bright pops of yellow florals and stripes, hints of green, and of course, of course animal prints..... hellooo Cheetah!

Our favorite thing about this trip, the all-inclusive resort. Let the hardest part be getting there. After that, treat yourself to all the food, activities, and amenities. 

Included Activities: 

Snorkeling, paddleboarding, swing, etc. 

Included Food: 

First class seafood, prepped picnics, and fresh fruit everyday!

Included Amenities: 

Private pool, amazing scenery, and hammocks galore.

Needless to say, we had a blast and hope to return to Islas Secas in the future! 




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