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3 No Bake Christmas Treat Ideas

December 07, 2021 2 min read

3 No Bake Christmas Treat Ideas

No Bake Treats To Gift This Christmas

Looking for a quick and easy Christmas gift idea that requires zero baking skills? We've got you covered! Whether you're adding a little sweetness to a gathering of friends, making the perfect neighbor Christmas gifts, or looking for an easy teacher gift your kids can help you make—these 3 no bake options are sure to be a hit! You'll just need a few supplies and some holiday cheer to create these 3 no bake treats to gift this Christmas...


1. Reindeer Cookies

These cookie reindeer make a perfect gift for your kids to make for their friends or for an afternoon activity and snack at home.

To make these reindeer cookies, you will need:

Double Stuff or Mega Stuff Oreos


Red Peanut M&M's

Mini Chocolate Chips

White Frosting (store bought frosting works great!)


First, you will need to cut the pretzels so they resemble antlers. Next, insert them into the frosting of the Oreo cookie, one on each side. Using your frosting, create the reindeer face with peanut M&M's and mini chocolate chips.


2. Christmas Tree Rice Krispies Treats

These holiday Rice Krispies Treats will really stand out at your next gathering or as a great neighbor Christmas gift!

To make these Christmas Rice Krispies Trees, you will need:

1. Pre-packaged Rice Krispies Treats

2. Green Frosting (store bought frosting works great!)

3. Sprinkles

4. Candy Canes

5. Cutting Board

6. Knife


On a cutting board, cut your Rice Krispies Treats into triangles. Cut or break your candy canes into 2" pieces, then insert into the bottom of the Rice Krispies Treat. Frost the Rice Krispies Treat then top with sprinkles of your choosing!


3. Healthy Christmas Grinch Treats

This semi-healthy Christmas treat is perfect for a party appetizer or to gift on a cute holiday plate.

To make these fruit Grinch treats, you will need:

1. Green Grapes

2. Strawberries

3. Bananas

4. Mini Marshmallows

5. Toothpicks

6. Knife

7. Cutting Board


 Begin by washing your fruit and letting it dry completely. On a cutting board, slice off the tip of the strawberries to use as the "hat". On a toothpick, place the grape, a 1/4" slice of banana, the strawberry, and top with a mini marshmallow.


Be sure to dress to match the festive activities in some of our favorite holiday items! From loungewear to the perfect pant for going out, we've got your Christmas looks covered!

1. Holiday Plaid Pants For Women

2. Women's Red Jumpsuit

3. Christmas PJ's For Kids

4. Plaid Jumpsuits For Women

5. Forest Green Joggers For Women

We hope these quick and easy Christmas treat tutorials make the season as simple as possible while also getting the whole family into the spirit of giving! Happy holidays!

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