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Assistant Manager - Customer Service APPLY NOW

Murray, UT
40000 usd / year
Full time

We are looking for a fun and outgoing person who can assist in leading a team in providing high-quality customer support. Their responsibilities include:

Customer service

Answers customers' questions, resolves problems, and maintains customer satisfaction by providing problem-solving answers and resources. This is done through email, chat, social and phone managed through a helpdesk software. Assist with the customers on the website and within the returns portal. Understand the loyalty program and how to help customers with their points and redemption and moderate the product and website reviews.

Team management

Setting goals for team members, communicating expectations, and overseeing scheduling

Customer feedback

Receiving and implementing feedback to improve service quality

Business metrics

Monitoring progress towards important business metrics and generating reports on customer interactions as needed


Developing and implementing customer service policies, staying current on industry trends, and maintaining relationships with top customers. Becoming well-versed in the products and services to provide recommendations, sizing, and upsells.


Murray, Utah


Full-time/ $40K a year

Or Hourly minimum 30 hours/week/ $18/hr

50% Albion discount

Insurance options available



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