Your Looks for Back to School, Work, or Whatever

August 26, 2020

Your Looks for Back to School, Work, or Whatever

It’s time to go back to school! . . . Or work . . .or whatever your fall may bring. Don’t let the new normal get you down — update your wardrobe with cute and cozy looks for fall that reflect whatever it is you’re doing these days.
Whether you’re back to the books for a new school year (Zoom University, anyone?), continuing your work-from-home grind in cooler temps, or embracing a totally new-to-you plan, you can look and feel good doing it.
Lucky for you, Albion’s new leisure wear fits seamlessly into whatever the new season looks like for you. And hey, we pride ourselves in creating pieces that are comfortable and stylish, helping you confidently tackle your next adventure. We’ll let you fill in the blank.

Heading back to school? Even if you’re occupying a virtual classroom or spending more study hours indoors, you can combine at-home comfort with put-together polish with one of our  Basic (but soooo not basic) Tees  or  a tried-and-true v-neck in one of our swoon-worthy colors.

Grab a long-sleeved tee for those chillier days and pair it with a set of our famous jetsetters for a whole you’ve-got-this look. Hey, just because you’re learning calculus from your couch doesn’t mean you have to relegate your wardrobe to your ex-boyfriend’s sweats or ill-fitting t-shirts. (No, thanks!) Look and feel your best with a winning Albion ensemble.

Back to work after a staycation or socially-distant summer vacay? Slay those virtual meetings with a WFH uniform that’s not a pajama upgrade — or a stuffy pantsuit. Settle yourself into your home office with an outfit that looks and feels like the best version of you. Stand out with our 9 to 9 Romper or Going Places Dress, or settle into a comfy pair of jetsetters dressed up with a sophisticated Front Tie Top. And if you’re needing to nail a job interview or performance review? Confidently put your best outfit forward with a Bow Belt Capri, tied with a ties-it-all-together hat.

Even if the new season doesn’t involve school or work (or if it involves a mix of both), you can still find the perfect Albion look to match your movement. Improving your physical health? We’ve got the perfect Stay sports bra and Leggings to inspire your every activity. Volunteering? Keep busy, but comfortable, in a Collaror Overall Jumpsuit(paired with a must-have Full Sleeve Tee, of course) that nails the looks-good, feels-good requirement.