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July 27, 2021 2 min read

I made this pizza while family was in town and it was a crowd-pleaser! Instead of adding the ricotta before cooking, I served it on the side so that people could add it as they pleased. Some people went heavy, some went without. I’m one of the heavyweights hehe. Ricotta is one of my favorite pizza toppings, I always order it if it’s available. 

What are the strangest pizza toppings you’ve tried? Recently, I prodded my friend into trying a Korean-style sweet potato pizza. It had corn and mozzarella, and differed from this recipe because instead of diced sweet potato it used a sweet potato cream/paste. It’s a classic Korean snack food and he was very hesitant but he loved it! If you ever get a chance, I recommend you try it, but in the meantime here is a gateway pie:

Pizza dough for 2 pies
10 oz. pizza sauce
16 oz. shredded mozzarella cheese
1 large yellow onion, sliced thinly
½ lb Italian sausage
1 medium sweet potato, diced
10 cloves garlic
Olive oil
Salt & pepper
Ricotta cheese
couple pinches of sugar (optional)

1. Pre-heat oven to 400F. Line a large baking sheet with aluminum foil. Place sweet potato and garlic cloves on the sheet, separate from each other. Drizzle 2-3 Tbsp olive oil over everything and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake for 30 minutes or until sweet potato is browned and garlic cloves are soft. Set aside and lower oven heat to 350F. Once garlic is cooled enough, chop finely. 

2. While those are baking, cook your onions and sausage. Place a saute pan over medium-high heat. Once warm, add your sausage and cook, breaking it up with your spatula into small pieces, until done. Remove sausage to a separate bowl (loosely cover to keep warm) and leave the sausage grease in the pan for your onions. Add the sliced onions and toss them in the grease. Add a bit of olive oil if needed, so that all onions are coated. Season with salt and add a couple pinches of sugar (sugar optional). Stir the onions every couple minutes and, if they start to dry out, add a bit of water to the pan. Continue this until onions are a caramel color, 25-30 minutes. Set aside.

3. Roll out your dough to fit your pizza pans. Place on pans and, on each, spread about 5 oz. pizza sauce, or to spread to taste. Divide cheese evenly between both, then caramelized onions, sausage, roasted garlic pieces, and sweet potato. You can add dollops of ricotta here or after the pizza is cooked (I added it after).

4. Bake pies for 10-12 minutes or until cheese is melted and crust is slightly browned. Enjoy!

Make sure to check out our good friend Gina's blog www.ginachongblog.com or give her a follow on instagram @gina.chong for more amazing recipes! 

 Gina is wearing the Cobalt Focus Tank and Mauve Intention 3/4 Flow Leggings.

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