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TAKEUSWITHYOU: Top 5 Things to Do in Sydney, Australia by Jaci Marie Smith

April 19, 2017 3 min read

TAKEUSWITHYOU: Top 5 Things to Do in Sydney, Australia by Jaci Marie Smith

Hi everyone! My name is Jaci Marie (@jacimariesmith). I am a photographer + influencer located in Los Angeles CA. I connected with Albion Fit last year and immediately fell in love with their swimsuits and their brand in general! I wore Albion's suits my whole trip to Sydney, Australia and I'm excited to be sharing some photos + my top 5 places I went! :) 

Featuring: The Wave, La Fleur One Piece 

Featuring: The Bombshell, Magenta One Piece Suit

1. Bondi Beach

If you’re visiting Australia and you’re looking for some iconic beaches to soak up those lovely rays, Bondi Beach is the place to go! Located on the east coast of Australia and tucked within a suburb of the city of Sydney. Known to be a popular spot for some daring surfers. If you’re not looking to ride the waves, be sure to check out the rock pool towards the southern end of the beach. One of my favorite spots! Here you can also find yourself at the beginning of the coastal trail, which follows along beautiful sandstone cliffs, taking you through a stretch of well known beaches strolling between Bondi to Bronte Beach! Definitely recommend :)

Featuring: Maria Crop Top, Pana Stripe + Pana Stripe Hipster Bottoms

2. Bronte Beach

If you started your beach exploring in Bondi Beach and followed along the coastal trail, you’ll end up running into Bronte Beach! Full of scenic views and several ways to enjoy the ocean. Towards the southern end of the beach are two rock pools - one man made and one naturally created! Both equally a good time. FUN FACT, if you ever visit these beaches in the month of December, be sure to catchthe long distance swim event between Bondi Beach and Bronte. Putting that on my bucket list!

Featuring: Peachy Keen One Piece, The Bombshell, Magenta One- Piece Suit

3. Celsius Cafe

The majority of the restaurants we visited offered healthy, fresh and not to mention GORGEOUS pieces of art to devour! I mean just check out how beautiful my breakfast was from Celsuis Cafe. Definitely the prettiest waffle I’ve EVER had! Tucked in the quiet neighborhood of Kirribilli, situated on Kirribilli Wharf. If you’re searching for some delicious foods and stunning views, then this place is a must.

Featuring: White Lily One Piece (coming soon this summer)

4. Grounds of Alexandria

Also known as the MEGA CAFE!A specialty coffee shop in a former pie factory surrounded with brick walls and an enormous courtyard. Just walking through this stunning garden vibrates such an engaging and inspiring energy! The perfect place to strike up a deep conversation or exchange some giggles over a great cup of coffee. And while you’re there, don’t forget to try their homestyle dishes and sweet pastries. Everything looked amazing! I wish I had more time to try it all.

5. Sadhana Kitchen

For all of my lovely plant based friends, this place is for you! Everything here is organic and super healthy. Even if you’re not well educated on eating raw foods, this place will definitely broaden your taste buds with all of the yummy power foods. Give their raw & vegan high teas a try! Oh so good and one to experience for sure! If you’re already at Bondi Beach, just headnorth off the main stretch and you’ll run into the kitchen amongst a street of pretty pastel buildings.

Featuring: The Bombshell, Magenta One Piece, Peachy Keen One Piece


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