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Summer Drink Recipe: Clementine Mint Fauxjito

May 31, 2023 2 min read

Summer Drink Recipe: Clementine Mint Fauxjito

Clementine Mint Summer Fauxjito

Look no further for the perfect, unique summer drink that’s fragrant, refreshing, and oh-so-delicious. Clementines, mint leaves, and lime make for this super easy recipe that tastes way fancier than it is! Perfect for a lazy summer afternoon, or a crisp drink to sip at sundown, this Clementine Mint Fauxjito is a treat you’ll love all season long. If you’d like to add alcohol, our friends recommend rum!

Clementines, which are less acidic than oranges, pack the perfect flavor and punch for this sweet summer drink. A helpful hint: when shopping for citrus fruits, look for vibrant colors, semi-firm skin, and weight. The heavier they are, the juicer!

couldn't get over the smells you experience while making this! From peeling the clementines to squeezing the lime to picking the mint (bonus if it's from your garden), it was truly a treat from beginning to end. Keep reading for this super easy summer fauxjito recipe.


Clementine Mint Fauxjito Recipe

Makes 1 Drink 


  1. Place mint leaves in glass and muddle with a muddling stick. You can also use the handle edge of a wooden spoon! (This is where you would add the rum)

  2. Add ice

  3. Juice clementines and limes into glass

  4. Add simple syrup and stir
  5. Pour in San Pellegrino
  6. Garnish with a mint leaf and a mandarin slice

  7. Enjoy!

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