Today is your day... your day to look back and reflect on your life and take time to recognize what a special, unique individual YOU ARE. Think back to the last time you helped someone in need, taught something new, were courageous in the face of something scary or unknown. 

Think of all the stories people could tell about you and your crazy kind heart, things you've done in your life to help others. You are a special person! Please take a moment to remember that because you deserve to know!

Now we have a challenge for you! We'd love for you to help us #spreadthespecial by reminding your friends and followers across social media that they are special too. 

It’s this easy: 

- Post a 5-10 second video to your Instagram story reminding your followers they are special, loved or whatever encouraging message you feel inclined to share that day 

- Use the hashtag #spreadthespecial on top of your post

- Encourage your followers to #spreadthespecial on their stories too (we’ve attached an image below if you feel inspired to share it on your instagram feed as well) 

We truly believe each person who walks this earth is beautifully unique and deserves to be reminded they are special. We could all use a little extra love and what a wonderful resource social media can be to spread the message! 

Thanks so much for all your support. You’ve got a friend in us. 


The Albion Team