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6 Go-To Exercises With Meg Miles of MomStrong

October 30, 2017 2 min read

6 Go-To Exercises With Meg Miles of MomStrong

Hi! My name's Meg! I own a small business called Momstrong where I hope to empower women through health and wellness. As a pediatric nurse, a personal trainer, athlete, wife, and a mother of one + one on the way, I have a passion for anything related to health and bettering our lives from the inside out. I was immediately drawn to Albion Fit because of the way they celebrate strong women; women of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes.

I, too, celebrate strong women. I celebrate women who know they're more than their body, or their closet, or their "likes" on Instagram. Women who know their value comes from a much deeper space than the tiny squares they scroll on their phone. Women who know the deepest way to find connection and love in this life is to be vulnerably seen rather than perfectly portrayed. Thank you, Albion, for helping to spread that message of strength and to create clothes to make each one of us feel beautiful and confident in our own skin.

For me, I find a lot of strength in moving my body and fueling it right. I love making workouts doable for busy women who may need to get in a sweat between shifts at work, or surrounded by kids at home, or something realistic and practical to throw into any busy schedule. This one will guarantee a good sweat. Whether you're pregnant or not, give it a try!

You'll be doing this circuit pyramid-style, starting with move #1 which is higher in reps, and moving to move #6 with lower reps. Rest 15 seconds in between each move. Once you're to move #6, you'll reverse back through each move until you end back at #1, and you have yourself a sweaty, leg-burning workout!

Happy sweating!


1. Air Squats, 35 reps

Coming down into a squat, keep your hips back, your back straight with a neutral spine, and chest and shoulders up. Your knees should be tracking forward in line with your feet.

2. Lunges, 30 reps

Come down into a lunge. Your forward and back leg should be making a right angle. Now switch sides!

3. Elbow to Knee, 25, reps

This move is great for those oblique abdominal muscles on the side of our abdomen, and you can do it while pregnant too! With hands behind your head, use your side abdominal muscles to help pull in your knee to touch that elbow and switch sides.

4. Calf Raises, 20 reps

Find your balance with arms extended in front of you. Slowly rise onto balls of of your feet, letting those calf muscles contract, and then slowly lower heels to ground.


5. Modified Push-ups, 15 reps

Try to be on your toes if you can, but if you have a baby growing inside of you like me... get on those knees to modify.

6. Squat with Twist, 10 reps

Start down in a squat, and then bring your left elbow to right knee, and alternate sides.

Now that you're through, you'll start with move number 6 and move right back through #5, #4, #3, #2, and #1 to complete the circuit.




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