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Posing 101 with Jessica Janae

June 25, 2020 2 min read

Posing 101 with Jessica Janae

Last month on our IGTV, Jessica Janae shared her tips on posing for that perfect pic. It was SUCH a hit we decided to share her tips on our blog. Get ready for some EPIC photos.

Click here to see her video!

1. Don’t stand with legs parallel. Try putting feet together, knocking one knee over the other.
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2. Put one foot directly out in front of the other, knee bent, standing on your toes. This creates a long line and makes your legs appear longer.

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3. Keep your foot out front from Tip 2 but move it to the side, staying on your toe.
Tip: Play with having your knee facing in or out.

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4. Create negative space with your arms to show off your waist.

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5. To help create an hour-glass shape. Pin your shoulder blades together, pull elbows back and keep elbows bent.

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6. Don’t know what to do with your hands? Grab a prop! Or touch and adjust clothing or hair.

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7. Tilt hips back, this creates shape between your legs and will help accentuate your waist.

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Sitting Poses

1. Have the person taking your photo take it from a lower angle. This will make you appear taller.
2. While sitting, go on your toes, and put your arms in between your legs for a “cool-girl” look.
3. Try having one leg higher than the other. 

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Other Tips:

1. For that perfect pout, relax your mouth and say “apple.” However your lips fall, hold that position. Voila! Perfect pout!

2. Turn on some music and feel out the beat. This will get you to relax and help create shape for your pics!

Make sure to tag us in your pictures!  

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