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July 18, 2021 2 min read


As we make plans for our upcoming travel, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten essentials for every carry on. No one wants to be thousands of miles in the air and realize—ugh, I should have brought _____. Especially if you’ll be in the air for 5+ hours. 

Don’t worry—we’ll save you the headache. Here’s what every traveler should have in a carry on this year:

Noise Cancelling Headphones — Seriously, flying for more than five hours is easy peasy if you have good headphones. Put on your favorite flick or two and sit back and enjoy the snacks. Oh, and make sure the headphones have an aux cord or an adapter if you want to connect to the plane’s entertainment system.

Ear Plugs — Our hearts go out to those mamas with a screaming baby, but if you need your sleep, ear plugs are a must. Not to mention that super chatty passenger behind you...

Eye Mask — Our favorite sleep essential for the plane! Eye masks help indicate to your fellow passengers that you’re not in the mood to chat AND give you the dark you need for good sleep.

Phone Charger — You might think about packing this in your checked bag, but don’t! You don’t want to be up the creek without a paddle when you need to contact your ride at your destination.

Cozy Socks — Yes, yes, yes! We love taking our shoes off (feet often swell at high altitudes!) and having cozy socks to keep our toes warm.

A Cozy Sweatshirt — It’s always a bummer to be cold in the air. It’s hard to relax, hard to sleep, and being grumpy is never great when you’re sky high. Grab your favorite comfy sweater for the trip.

Travel Pillow — You might think you don’t need this—until you do. We are huge fans of travel pillows (whether they’re neck pillows or just a squishy little one), to lean against the window or headrest for good sleep.

Snacks — These days, you never know what the airline will or won't offer, and it's just better to come prepared. We recommend packing a few snacks to satisfy any craving. Something sweet, salty, and packed with protein!

Sanitizing Wipes — One trick we've more recently adopted is traveling with sanitizing wipes. Before settling into our assigned seat, we give everything a quick wipe down for some extra peace of mind!

Entertainment — Yes, most planes offer some entertainment options. But there is nothing worse than being stuck for hours on end with nothing to do! We recommend downloading a few of your favorite shows, playlists, books, or podcasts before takeoff. Most entertainment apps (including Netflix) will allow you to download certain content. It's the perfect time to catch up on your favorites or to try something new!


We’d love to hear what your travel essentials are, and where you’re traveling this summer! Tag us in your posts at @albionfit . Bon voyage!

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