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December 18, 2020 2 min read



This holiday season is like none other before it. Travel plans have been cancelled or changed, and so many of us won’t be home for the holidays. But while you might not be with your family on Christmas, you can still stay connected.

Take advantage of the technology that can bring us close this season with some tips on staying together, apart.

Grab your favorite meal and set up a video chat and share dinner together. You can still talk and laugh as you enjoy delicious food with your family.

We don’t usually call people nowadays, but hearing someone’s voice, especially over the holidays can mean so much to you and your loved ones. Set aside time so you know you won’t be distracted by your to-do list, and chat with your parents or siblings for twenty minutes. 


Attend a virtual workout class together! Your local recreation center or another gym might offer virtual classes, or you can find a good YouTube workout and do it as the same time as your friends and family. As you cool down, give each other a call and check in on how the workout went. 


Many streaming services offer ways to watch a movie at the same time as someone else. If one of you pauses it, it pauses on their device across the country. Choose your favorite holiday classic and a few treats, pull out your phone to text or chat, and laugh along to Home Aloneor cry together through It’s a Wonderful Life! 


There are so many fun ways to play virtual games together. Whether it’s through a video game system that you can play online or simply setting up checkers through a video chat, games are a fun way to stay close to family. If you plan on playing a board game virtually, make sure it’s one you each have so you can move pieces around. Of course you’ll have to modify the rules a little, but it’s worth it for the laughs. 


Take your family on a Christmas lights drive and call grandparents along the way. They can enjoy the sound of your little ones enjoying the Christmas magic as you go. If you don’t have kids, it’s still a great time to call a friend, put them on speaker phone, and enjoy the beauty of the season together.


OK, so this isn’t new tech by any means, but who doesn’t love receiving good ole fashioned snail mail? Why not rekindle relationships with your family as pen pals? You know your grandmother would love it and kids love to get mail. Your nieces and nephews will be thrilled to see a letter in the mailbox. You can also send stickers and photos through the mail.


Remember those who are living alone or can’t be with you and pick some way you can be connected this holiday season. Here at Albion Fit, we value family so much. We know it’s what the holidays are really all about! We hope these ideas help you stay connected and have the best holiday you can.







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