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How To Make Tie Dyed Eggs For Easter

April 12, 2022 2 min read

How To Make Tie Dyed Eggs For Easter
We’re saying “Goodbye!” to boring, solid colored Easter Eggs and “Hello!” to beautifully tie dyed eggs! With Easter around the corner, it’s the perfect time to try out our new favorite technique for coloring eggs. While yes, this process is a messy one, the results are worth it for vibrantly colored eggs your whole family will love. Just make sure no one’s wearing their new Easter outfit when trying out this Springtime craft!

This Easter activity is super easy to do and you probably already have all of the supplies in your pantry. While it’s not necessary that you hard boil your eggs beforehand, we do recommend it to reduce potential messes.

How To Hard Boil Easter Eggs:

Very gently, place 6-12 eggs into a large pot. Fill the pot with cold water until the eggs are covered by 1-2 inches of water. Place the pot on the stove and bring to a boil. Once you have a rolling boil, turn off the heat and cover the pot with a lid. Let the pot stand for 10-12 minutes, depending on how well done you like your hard boiled eggs to be. Strain your eggs, careful to not let them fall, and rinse with cold water, until they are cool to the touch. Store in the fridge until ready to use or eat.

How To Make Tye Dyed Easter Eggs:

- White Hard Boiled Eggs (use brown for more muted colors)
- Egg Carton (for drying)
- Food Coloring
- Paper Towels
- Elastic Bands
- Spray Bottle
- Water
- Vinegar
- Rubber Gloves
- Disposable/Washable Work Surface


In a spray bottle, combine 1 cup of water with 2 tbsp of vinegar and shake well. Wrap your eggs in a paper towel and secure with an elastic band. Use your spray bottle to wet the paper towel completely.

(Make sure you wear rubber gloves from this point on, as it will be very messy!)

Place your wrapped eggs on your work surface, then drip your choice of food coloring onto the wrapped eggs. Because the paper towels are wet, the food coloring should spread to create a tie dyed effect. Mix and match the colors for a bright and vibrant combination.

Let the eggs sit for up to 10 minutes, depending on how bright you want the colors to be. The longer they sit, the brighter the colors! Remove the paper towels then set the freshly dyed eggs in the egg carton to dry overnight. Once the eggs have dried completely, they’re ready for the Easter Bunny.

Be sure to share this tutorial with friends and family so they can try it, too!

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