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June 06, 2021 2 min read

It’s peak bloom season! If you have your own garden, you’ve surely noticed that Mother Nature is beginning to brush off her colorful skirts with a beautiful array of flowers to enjoy. While it’s fantastic to enjoy them in your garden, there are plenty of reasons to bring them inside, too!

In fact, we believe in this so much, we want to share 4 benefits of having fresh flowers in your home and give you a few tips on arranging them to put them in their best light. 

1. Flowers clean the air. No need for an air purifier, bring on the blooms! Flowers and greens help clean the air inside and outside your home.

2. Flowers give your mood a boost. Having the color and life in your home can give your mood the boost it needs. Just seeing them on your table or catching a whiff of sweet smells can make you feel happier.

3. Flowers give your home a fresh look. Ready to up your interior design game? Adding a bouquet of your favorite blooms, especially if they compliment your color scheme, can give your home a new look when you have guests over.

4. Flowers are good for your health. Seriously! Several studies in hospitals show that fresh flowers reduce blood pressure, help calm anxiety, and can even help with fatigue. 

First, let’s tackle a couple of ideas to help your flowers stay fresher, longer. First, strip off any leaves that will be covered with water—they get slimy and gross, making your blooms die sooner. Second, cut the tips of the stems with a sharp knife or scissors under a stream of water, then immediately put them in the vase. And finally, pull out pieces as they die, and rearrange what’s left to keep your bouquet looking fresh. 

Now, we’d love to give you a couple tips on how to arrange your bouquets to give them their best look in your home. We really only have two tips: pick an odd number of blooms, and remember the rule of triangles. 

Here’s what we mean: When you’re arranging your flowers, try to have an odd number of each type. Think three dutch iris, five tulips, and seven daffodils (or whatever variety is your favorite!). An odd number is naturally pleasing to the eye. 

Then, when you add them to the vase, arrange them in triangles by each type. Visually, it’s stunning to see them spread apart, and if you keep them separated by threes, it’s easy to spread them throughout the vase so you can enjoy every type of bloom from every angle.

We can’t wait to see how you bring the outside in! Happy summer!

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