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Easy Super Bowl Snack: OREO Truffle Footballs

February 08, 2022 1 min read

Easy Super Bowl Snack: OREO Truffle Footballs

Super Bowl Recipe

The easiest and cutest Super Bowl themed recipe that the whole family can make! This sweet treat is a definite win on game day, plus the kids will love helping you as you make our favorite OREO Football Truffles. The hardest part about making this Super Bowl themed recipe is waiting for the chocolate coating to set in the fridge...



1 Package Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

8 oz. Plain Cream Cheese (softened)

10 oz. Bag Chocolate Wafers

10 oz. Bag White Chocolate Wafers



Place the chocolate sandwich cookies in a gallon sized zip bag, then crush completely with a rolling pin. In a bowl, mix together the cookies and the cream cheese until a "dough" forms. Roll about 2 tbsp of dough into football shapes. In a microwave, slowly melt the chocolate wafers, stirring every 10 seconds. Once the chocolate is melted, dip the footballs into the chocolate and coat completely. Place on a plate or baking sheet that has been lined with wax paper, then refrigerate until solid.

To get the stripes on the OREO Truffle Footballs, slowly melt the white chocolate in a microwave. Be sure to stir every 10 seconds. Place the melted white chocolate in a piping bag with a small tip or use another gallon sized zip bag and trim off a corner. Use the white chocolate to pipe on the stripes, then refrigerate until solid.

These chocolate cookie truffles are sure to be a hit at your Super Bowl party! Need something to wear? Click here to shop!



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