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TIPS: 5 Travel Hacks (That will change your life!)

January 17, 2019 3 min read

TIPS: 5 Travel Hacks (That will change your life!)

You’re going places… we can tell! Traveling isn’t just an adventure it's a full blown immersion experience. We are passionate about exploring and adventuring and traveling here at Albion. We’ve left our hearts in dozens of countries across the globe and we do it with people we love. 
It’s exciting, but it can also be a tad bit overwhelming. Packing for your trip you begin to ask yourself, “How am I going to fit all of this? What kind of weather am I going to have? What if I need to dress up?” Questions that make any trip stressful.
The good news—traveling has never been easier. We have taken a few trips in our day and we have 5 tips that have changed our traveling lives. 



Panicked yet? Don’t be. Worried about running out of clothes 3 days in? You have options, we promise! If you plan on staying at an Airbnb most have a washer ready and waiting for all of your adventure worn clothes. If a hotel is more your speed they may offer a laundry service. Or the alternative is to take a walk around the streets by your hotel. Find a local laundromat and spend an hour people watching or writing in your travel journal. 


Note: Make sure when you are packing you bring staple items. Clothes that can mix and match easily, be cleaned, and worn in a completely new way. 




The hardest part of bringing a carry-on… limiting your shoes. We say you only need two. Shocking, we know! Bring a pair of running shoes for long days out exploring and a pair of fun sandals to dress up or wear to your favorite sandy spot.
Make packing a breeze and wear your running shoes on the plane. That means your other pair can pack flat and compact, making more room for your favorite clothes.



We don’t mean a full-size suitcase in addition to your carry-on. We mean a compact lightweight bag that can be tucked into your suitcase. You want to be able to buy souvenirs from your travels, and we want to make sure you can bring them home to show off to all your friends. 
Get that painting or piece of pottery for that special corner in your home. The piece that will compel your guests to ask, “Where did you get that?!” On your flight home, switch your clothes to the lightweight bag and pack your valuable keepsakes in your hardshell carry-on. 



We can’t tell you the number of AMAZING trips we have gone on and by the end completely forgotten the small but impactful details from the first few days. Our solution is to write everything down. 
Bring a travel journal and every night write a couple lines about the day’s adventures. If your a photographer, look back at the photos you’ve taken that day and write down the details. 
Not much of a writer or photographer? Pack a few paperback books you plan on reading, and in the front cover, write down the date and places where you read them. Then list out what you did and your favorite memories. 
If all else fails, never underestimate the power of a postcard. While out exploring, buy one for a dollar and while you’re snacking on lunch, write down your memories from the day. You can mail it to yourself (so you get that international postage stamp) or pack it away to have as a keepsake. 



Last but certainly not least, jump into your new surroundings from the start. Go for a run in the mornings. Take a bike tour. Find a quick and fun way to get to know your surroundings so you can plan out your day’s activities with ease. 
The better you know your surroundings, the easier it will be to start focusing on the small, intimate details of a destination. Take note of the locals walking down the cobblestone streets, or sitting at the crowded local cafe. That’s often how we find our favorite spots.
Traveling has never been easier so here’s our invitation to you: Book that trip, bring a friend (or two, or none at all) and make some memories. Oh and be sure to take us with you.

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