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5 Tips for Easy Spring Cleaning

March 24, 2020 3 min read

5 Tips for Easy Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning. The perfect time to say, “Goodbye winter! Hellooooo Spring!” Spring cleaning gives us the chance to re-organize and give ourselves a fresh start for the upcoming warmer months.

However, we TOTALLY understand re-organizing, decluttering and cleaning the WHOLE house can be a bit overwhelming. To help ease the stress of spring cleaning, we’ve put together some tips to make this major cleaning task more manageable. Grab your vacuum and washcloths, let’s get to it!

1. Make a list

Many people get overwhelmed with spring cleaning because they think they have to do everything all at once. Take it task by task! If it takes you a couple days, that’s ok! Do whatever is easiest for you.
To make things simpler, create a list and tackle things one at a time. We suggest dividing your list by rooms, then dividing tasks by working from top to bottom. Here is what an example list would look like for your Bedroom:
-Declutter drawers and closet
-Clean walls
-Clean windows (Outside and inside)
-Vacuum drapes/curtains (If they are washable, toss them in the washing machine.)
-Clean doorknobs and drawer handles
-Flip mattress
-Vacuum mattress
-Clean baseboards
-Wash duvet and pillows
-Vacuum or wash floors
Writing down exactly what you need to do will help you stay on track and focused. Another idea? Get your kids involved, give them a list of chores so they can help you out! Many hands make light work.


2. Try homemade cleaning supplies


When tackling your spring cleaning, don’t worry about buying loads of cleaning supplies. You can make many effective cleaning solutions with ingredients you probably have at home! Here are a couple of our favorites:
-To clean your garbage disposal (and leave it smelling fresh) cut a lemon into small pieces. Turn on the hot water, toss the lemons down the drain and turn on the garbage disposal. Lemony fresh!
- Baking soda and water are an amazing combination to clean tough surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom.
-To clean wood cutting boards, sprinkle salt over the board’s surface. Cut a lemon in half, wipe over the surface. Wipe the salt and lemon juice off with a wet rag.
-Mixing white vinegar and water is another a great combination for cleaning surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom. 

3. Remember to declutter

Don’t you love the feeling after you’ve cleaned out that junk drawer, or overflowing closet? Spring cleaning is the perfect time to tackle these and other cluttered areas.
When it comes to decluttering, keep this question in mind, “Have I used this in the last year?” If the answer is “no” it is best to toss the item. If it’s in good condition, donate it.

Also, to make more room in your closet, try placing winter clothes, coats, shoes etc. in bins to store until winter rolls around again.

4. Consider places you miss the rest of the year

Okay. We are going to be honest. During the year there are the occasional spots we miss while cleaning. It happens to the best of us! Spring cleaning is the time to really tackle these areas. Some of these places include:
-Inside of the oven (If you have a self cleaning oven, open the windows and doors while it’s cleaning so the house doesn’t smell.)
-Fridge shelves
-Inside the dishwasher and laundry machine
-Outside windows

5. Bring spring in

Our favorite spring cleaning tip? Bring a piece of spring inside. Go outside, grab some flowers and place them in your house as a reminder of a fresh start at sunny days ahead.

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