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5 Spring Cleaning Ideas

March 27, 2020 2 min read

5 Spring Cleaning Ideas

Clean out your closet

Spring is the perfect time to clear out those closets! My go-to philosophy is If you haven't worn it the past year, it's out!Really take a look at ALL of your clothes and donate or sell any of your clothes that you aren't wearing anymore (or that don't fit your kids anymore!).If you have clothes that are still in great shape and higher value, I suggest selling them on a site like Poshmark! Not only is buying second-hand more affordable, but it does wonders for our environment as well!

Clean out your inbox

If you are quarantined with extra time on your hands, now is the time to clean out that inbox! Unsubscribe from any emails you may not need anymore (i.e. hotels you're likely not to visit again etc)and categorize the emails you do need into folders! I love using the software Airmail on my phone and my computer to organize all of my email accounts and categorize emails into folders. It's been my favorite for years!


Clean up your photos

This project can take a lot of time so NOW is the perfect time to clean up ALL of your photos! It's also so neat to go through your photos and reminisce on better days from the past and dream of better days ahead! I like to upload all of my photos from my phone and camera to my computer and then take the time to delete any photos I don't need anymore i.e. duplicates, originals I ended up editing, etc. After I'm done deleting, I categorize my photos into folders by month and then drag those months onto my hard drive to make sure everything is backed up and safe!

This Samsung External SSD is a great, safe option to back up your photos. If you ever drop an SSD on accident, you won't lose any of your photos! If you don't really care about that, the Western Digital hard drive is a great, affordable option to back up your photos as well.


Tackle a messy drawer or cabinet

Let's be honest... we all have a drawer or cabinet that is driving us nuts. Go tackle one! Or five! The more you do, the better you'll feel. I suggest organizing under your sink in your kitchen or bathroom, your drawers in your bedroom or the pantry is always a great feeling.

I love using this STACKABLE UNDER SINK ORGANIZER at my home.


Clean/organize your car

There's really no better feeling than a clean car! Especially if you're going on a lot of drives to get out of the house like we are these days.

I love using these photo keepers to organize the center console in my car. I fill these photo keepers with gift cards, hair things, pens, and sticky notes etc. It is so nice to have them all in one place!

I use this trunk organizer in the back so I don't have random stuff all over the place and it also makes the biggest difference!

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