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2023 Summer Bucket List

June 14, 2023 1 min read

2023 Summer Bucket List

Hello Summer and hello bucket lists! We’ve put together some stress-free suggestions that’ll make this Summer magical and picture worthy.

And because we love you, here it is in a free, downloadable PDF format.

These bucket list items are perfect to do with the kids, your gal pals, your partner, or by yourself! 

Meet Your (actually) achievable 2023 Summer Bucket list:

- Grab ice cream from a local shop or an ice cream truck.

- Watch fireworks outside on the grass.

- Make a smoothie and drink it outside.

- Go garage sale shopping on a Saturday morning (thrift stores work too!)

- Visit your local library.

- Start a water balloon fight!

Hike on a new trail and take a picture of the view!

Build a Summer 2023 Playlist and play it in the car with the windows down.

Have a picnic—takeout counts!

Watch a movie on a weeknight.

- Lay in a hammock (nap optional).

- Go stargazing and learn a new constellation.

- Make s'mores with your favorite chocolate bar—we highly recommend a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup s'more!

- Find a pool with a diving board and perform a dive (or a cannonball!).

- Write and send a real-life letter! 



Print off (or take a screenshot of!) your bucket list, check off your activities as you go, and get ready for the best summer ever! And don’t forget to tag us at @albionfit. Here’s to making memories!

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