10 Summer Activities for Kids

June 18, 2020

10 Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is the perfect time to head outside and create memories with your kiddos. So, here are 10 summer activities you and your kids can enjoy doing together. 


1. Hike

Pack some snacks and head on a hike with your littles. Before you go, research some local birds and plants in your area and see how many you can find on your hike. 


2. Picnic

Nothing says summer quite like a picnic. Have your littles help you prepare the food (check out some ideas here) and enjoy talking, eating and laughing outside. 


3. Talent Show

Present an outdoor talent show! Set aside some time to practice your talents then set up some chairs outside and enjoy the show. 


4. Service

Have your kids come up with an idea on how to serve a neighbor, family member or friend. Can they help clean the yard? Take out the trash? Make a card or other craft? The possibilities are endless. 


5. Finger Painting

Grab some paper and paint and head outside for your kids to create their finger painting masterpieces.

When they’re done, they can run through the sprinklers or play with the hose for a fun way to rinse the paint off. 


6. Bubble Pool

Your kids will love this one! Fill a kiddie pool up with water and add some dish soap. Ta da! Hours of fun. 


7. Star Gazing

Grab some blankets and pillows and spend an evening looking for stars and constellations. 


8. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Creating a simple nature scavenger hunt will keep your kids entertained for hours. 

Some ideas include: Finding certain cloud shapes, a specific plant, a lady bug, a tree leaf, etc.


9. Obstacle Course

Everyone’s competitive side may come out with this one! Use your yard to create an obstacle course for your kiddos. Fastest finish time wins! 


10. Paint Rocks

Have your kids search for rocks, then paint them.You can use the rocks as a paperweight or paint them as X’s an O’s for a fun game of tic-tac-toe.

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