The Beauty of High Waisted Bottoms

October 21, 2020

The Beauty of High Waisted Bottoms

Do you love high-waisted bottoms? Pants, swim, or fitness? We do, too! There’s a reason our moms rocked the high waist in the eighties — and now it’s back!

Whether you’re running errands, working out, lounging by the pool, choosing a flattering high waist can be the way to go. Still on the fence about rocking a vintage high waist? Here are a few reasons you might try them out:

While some styles come and go, the classic high-waisted bottom has pretty much always had its foot in the door. We first saw them in the 1940s with Zoot Suits, then with gorgeous trousers of the 60s, then the supermodels of the 80s and 90s rocked them in denim. Now we’re clamoring for our own high-waisted bottoms.



 Bikini bottoms are a great way to dip into high-waisted fashion and you’re in luck because we have so many options. You’ll feel comfortable surfing or having a drink poolside in some of our favorite swim bottoms, like the bright and happy Sandy Stripe bottoms.



 No matter your body type, there is a high waist option for you. If you’re self-conscious of your curves or hips, high waisted leggings (like our popular Intention Flow Leggings) can keep everything smooth. If you’re tall and slim, they’ll even help enhance your curves.



 Having a high waist on your pants, shorts, or swim bottoms is super slimming. Our new destination joggers have a wider 3" waistband, just like our Lunge shorts, and classic cool silhouette like the signature Jetsetters pants. They also come in tall & piete sizes.



 No need to fear something hanging out of your squat. High-waisted fitness bottoms keep everything in its place — and make you look fabulous as well. (Psst, our favorite shorts for working out are the Lunge Shorts. And they come in a rainbow of colors options.)


Don’t be afraid to jump into the high waist craze. Once you try it, you’ll never want to go back!