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ONCE UPON A TIME: The Story of Albion

  Albion began long before our store launch in 2012. I was born and raised in California but my dad was from Utah and my mom from Guatemala. They always longed to give us kids an international experience, and when I was 8, I came home to see a "For Sale" sign in front of our home; my dad announced he was ready to retire and we were moving to Guatemala.  A few days later, I remember seeing our stuff drive off in a moving truck, and us packing ourselves into a jeep for an adventure South (yes-- we actually drove to Guatemala!).  Once we arrived, it didn't take long for my dad to realize the retired life wasn't for...

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Why Albion? Our Namesake.

Why is Albion called Albion? It's a question I get almost every day and I love to share it, because it's the story about us, about me and my husband Dave, how we came to be as a couple, and how we came to be as business partners. You see, Dave and I met at work-- actually, in a copy room. Isn't that SO romantic? ;) We were in college at the University of Utah and we both worked at a law firm in downtown Salt Lake City.  Dave caught my eye when he drove up in an old 1985 white Landcruiser with oil paints in the trunk, and a rugby ball in the front seat.  I was an English...

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