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ONCE UPON A TIME: The Story of Albion

  Albion began long before our store launch in 2012. I was born and raised in California but my dad was from Utah and my mom from Guatemala. They always longed to give us kids an international experience, and when I was 8, I came home to see a "For Sale" sign in front of our home; my dad announced he was ready to retire and we were moving to Guatemala.  A few days later, I remember seeing our stuff drive off in a moving truck, and us packing ourselves into a jeep for an adventure South (yes-- we actually drove to Guatemala!).  Once we arrived, it didn't take long for my dad to realize the retired life wasn't for...

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CHECK OUT THE 2016 ALBION WANDERLUST COLLECTION This photoshoot has been years in the making.  We finally felt like we were in a position to bring down a team that was talented enough to show you just how much we love Guatemala and how passionate we are about making swimsuits that make women feel comfortable and beautiful.  Bringing that team together was an integral part of this project: we needed creatives that were not only insanely talented at their craft, but that were kind, genuine, and willing to let their guards down, make some new friends and have fun.  These were people that we would be trusting to represent our brand not just via their body of work, but individuals we would...

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Why Albion? Our Namesake.

Why is Albion called Albion? It's a question I get almost every day and I love to share it, because it's the story about us, about me and my husband Dave, how we came to be as a couple, and how we came to be as business partners. You see, Dave and I met at work-- actually, in a copy room. Isn't that SO romantic? ;) We were in college at the University of Utah and we both worked at a law firm in downtown Salt Lake City.  Dave caught my eye when he drove up in an old 1985 white Landcruiser with oil paints in the trunk, and a rugby ball in the front seat.  I was an English...

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