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New Year's Resolutions

December 28, 2018 2 min read

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!!

Google "New Year's quotes" and you'll find all kinds of memes and one-liners, like, "New year, new you!”. You'll see quotes reminding you that you reap what you sew, that anything is possible, and that each day is an opportunity. True, true, true!

Like last year, and the year before, (and the year before) I will sit down on December 31st and make a list, a New Year's Resolution. I'll think about 2018, about my wins and my fails. I'll consider my relationships and my priorities, who I became and if that's the person I set out to be. But this year will be different.

Every year we pick a WORD that we feel will describe the year for us. Last year, I picked CHALLENGING. That sounds awful right? And yet I LOVE CHALLENGES. I knew this would be a growing year for our business with a lot of unknowns we'd have to navigate but I also knew, we could handle it. Whatever it was, we could handle it. I knew my girls would be facing new challenges with new friends, a new school and just pains of growing up-- but I knew we could do it. I knew that another year working with my husband would have its “moments” and yet there's no one else I'd rather work side by side with. 2018 was absolutely, positively full of challenges, but I loved it. I grew so much in so many ways with the people I love most by my side- it was challenging yes, but beyond gratifying.

So this year, the word is RESOLVE, which by definition means to be BOLD, STEADY, like a "resolute gaze." I'm going to RESOLVE to work harder and smarter; to be more humble and more willing to learn from those around me and to lead with authenticity and with love; to be creative and original and appreciate the successes of those around me; I'm going to resolve to love harder and live in the moment and to take moments to sit back and recognize how blessed I truly am.

Oh, and I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon. :)

I invite you to think about your word for 2019. Until then, Happiest New Year to you all. Here's to new beginnings and determination, and yes, to resolve.

With love,
Liz Findlay
Co-founder, Albion 

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