#TAKEUSWITHYOU: Iceland with Alivia Latimer


Hello sweet humans! I'm Alivia Latimer, a travel photographer and influencer currently residing in Portland, Oregon...even though I'm hardly ever here! I enjoy traveling and showcasing cool locations so much, so when Albion proposed the idea of creating a video on my trip to Iceland, I was so excited! My friend Philipp helped me shoot the video, and it was such a blast running around with a camera, some cute clothes, and a few epic landscapes! I left a few images below as well with a bit of insight on each location. I hope you enjoy and I hope you get the chance to go to Iceland some day! It is a truly miraculous place!

Wearing: Scout Hoodie, Wine

Watch Alivia's Iceland Adventure Below!

1. Jökulsárlón

I am always in awe every time I see this place. It's an ocean full of glaciers as far as the eye can see. If you are on the Southeast side of Iceland, this is a must see!

Wearing: Scout Hoodie, Wine

Wearing: Scout Hoodie, Wine

2. Ring Road

Ring road is a loop that takes you all the way around the perimeter of Iceland. I've driven it before in about two weeks, and honestly could've gone around for a second loop! Whilst driving around Iceland you are exposed to so many different landscapes, and I think that is truly spectacular! From waterfalls, volcanoes, black sand beaches, roadside ponies, quaint little towns and more, there is so much to see and do! Trust me, you will never be bored. I particularly love the south side the best, and usually explore near Vik. But honestly, it's all amazing!

3. Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool

This was my first time visiting this swimming pool and my goodness, it was such a treat. Easily one of the most miraculous views I have ever seen! This natural pool is tucked away into a canyon in the snow topped mountains, and is such a hidden gem! It's about a fifteen to twenty minute hike in, but so so worth it! It's not super warm though so...take a dip at your own risk! :P

4. Downtown Reykjavik

I looooove Reykjavik. It has such a funky and colorful vibe, and the local people are so nice! It's so fun to just walk around and go into cute stores and coffee shops. I always spend at least a day or two here whenever I am in Iceland, so if you ever need some cool recommendations, feel free to reach out!