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How To Set The Perfect Friendsgiving Table

November 15, 2021 3 min read

How To Set The Perfect Friendsgiving Table

The Perfect Friendsgiving Tablescape

The holiday season is easily one of our favorite times of year! We love any excuse to gather with loved ones, reflect on the year past, look ahead to great times to come, and enjoy the here and now with the special people in our lives. This week, Albion owner and co-founder, Liz Findlay, threw her very first Friendsgiving. She knew she wanted to invite women who were not only fabulous foodies, so they could eat their hearts out and enjoy every bite, but also women that would fill her cup with words of wisdom, love, and support.



The festivities included Albion try-ons, where guests were able to try some of our newest products and take them home, the best food made by some of the best bakers and cooks, and inspiring words shared around the table. As they ate, they filled recipe cards, not with ingredients to make the perfect cake (though we will be following up on that because the cake was TO DIE FOR), but with ingredients on how to live a truly happy life. Yes, the food was absolutely as amazing as you’d imagine; but these women don’t just know how to fill the tummy—they know how to fill the heart, too.


5 Tips To Set The Perfect Friendsgiving Table with Foundation Goods:

Foundation Goods was kind enough to set up the perfect tablescape for Liz's Friendsgiving party—and they did not disappoint! Everything was perfectly placed and no detail was missed. Here are 5 tips from their team on how to set the perfect tablescape for your own Friendsgiving feast.


1. How to set silverware for Thanksgiving: The fork(s) is set to the left of the plate, the knife on the right — with the blade facing in — and the spoons next to the knife, in descending order. Go the extra mile by ensuring the bottom of each utensil is perfectly aligned!

2. How to arrange napkins for a simple tablescape: There are endless ways you can fold or set a napkin, but we love to keep it simple! When setting your Thanksgiving table, add a cloth napkin under the plate for a touch of color. It adds dimension to your place settings and doesn't require any complicated folds.


3. Make a table setting personal: Everyone loves a place card with a special touch. It lets them know that their presence and invitation was intentional. You don't need anything too fancy. Keep it simple with some nice cardstock and a small touch to make it interesting. We recommend a small card holder or natural decor.

4. Add dimension to your tablescape: Layering plates and textures will go a long way in your overall presentation. Play with colors, plate details, and textures to add dimension and layers to the settings. Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone here!


 5. Use natural decor in your centerpiece: Pulling from nature is a great and affordable way to add interest to any table setting. Fallen leaves, strands of wheat, and mini pumpkins and gourds are all a great and easy way to create beautiful and inviting table decor. Be sure to play with layers, textures, and colors here, too!


5 Recipes For The Perfect Friendsgiving Menu:



1. Artisan Beer Bread with Strawberry Butter: No one makes bread like The Food Nanny. This recipe is something we'll be making regularly!

2. Apple Pecan Salad with Creamy Lemon Dressing: Refreshing and light yet savory this recipe by Two Peas and Their Pod has all the ingredients that make for the perfect Fall salad!

3. Apple, Sausage, and Herb Stuffing: One of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes! This hearty and homemade stuffing by A Bountiful Kitchen tastes just as good as it looks.

4. The Perfect Thanksgiving Cake: What is dinner without an amazing dessert to finish it off? Cake by Courtney's French Apple Pie Cake will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters!

5. Butternut Squash and Quinoa Fall Salad: Another great salad option by Armelle Blog is this Butternut Squash and Quinoa Fall Salad. Delicious, full of flavor, and an easy way to get those greens in!


7 Words of Wisdom From Our Guests:

1. Work hard. Be kind. Serve others.

2. Remember, the little things matter.

3. Make dinner together as a family a priority.

4. Listen and be humble enough to be guided to do what’s needed of you.

5. Friendship over finances.

6. The ONE matters.

7. Challenges are opportunities in disguise.


Here’s an invitation to open your home and your heart, to gather friends, new and old, and lift each other up. Friendsgiving is the perfect excuse to spend time with those you care about and eat the most delicious, heart and soul warming food!





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