May 30, 2021


Soaking up sunshine is the best, but it can definitely take a toll on your skin if you’re not careful. These five tips will level-up your skincare routine this summer, and keep you safe and healthy!

The first law of summer skincare is: wear sunscreen every day! Protecting your skin from the sun not only helps prevent cancer, it keeps you looking youthful and healthy. Incorporate sunscreen into your daily routine by using an SPF face lotion every morning, and by applying before you head out the door. We recommend stashing a 3 oz bottle of Sun Bum SPF 30 in your purse or beach bag for reapplication all day long.

While the summer months may be more forgiving on your skin than winter, it’s still important to moisturize daily. Find a lightweight moisturizer for summer—ideally one with SPF. Moisturizing lotion is especially important for after-sun care and treating sun burns. We love the cooling aloe in the Sun Bum Cool Down lotion after a long day of swimming.  And while you’re keeping your skin hydrated, don’t forget to keep your body hydrated too. Drink plenty of water in summer months to help your skin recover from sun exposure faster.

If you’re tempted to jumpstart your summer glow by going tanning, remember there are tons of self-tanning options out there that are much better for your health. Opt for a nice spray tan before your vacation instead, for a natural-looking glow! Or, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, try out a self-tanning mousse, or tanning drops that can be mixed into your daily moisturizer. Your skin will thank you later.

Some skincare products are more sensitive to sunlight than others, so take inventory of your favorite lotions and potions this summer. Ingredients like retinol, glycolic acid, and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) can all make your skin extra sensitive to the sun. It might be a good idea to put these products away until you plan on spending less time outside, or at least use them sparingly and always apply your sunscreen when using. 

Even if you’re diligent about applying sunscreen and protecting your skin, it’s never a bad idea to add extra coverage when you can. We love the Georgia Safari Hat for sunny days, and our swimsuits come with SPF 45 protection to keep you safe. 

With these tips in mind, your summer skincare regimen is destined for success. Have fun this summer, and soak up the sun responsibly.

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