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HOW TO FIND CHEAP FLIGHTS with Flights From Home

April 18, 2018 3 min read

HOW TO FIND CHEAP FLIGHTS with Flights From Home

The question we've all been dying to know... "How can I score the best deal on flights?". As big jetsetters ourselves, we're always looking for new ways and websites to hunt for the best prices on domestic and international travel.

So to answer this big question, we went straight to the expert herself,  Emily who runs the Facebook and Instagram account Flights From Home! On these accounts, Emily posts daily flight deals that often sound too good to be true! We're talking flights to Europe for $300... this woman is good.  

We've asked Emily to share her top 5 tips for finding cheap (and awesome) flights and she did not disappoint. Keep scrolling to check out her tips and tricks and be sure to follow her account (hello push notifications) for daily deals out of Salt Lake City! 

1. Flexibility

The most important thing when looking for cheap flights is the ability to be flexible. If you can be flexible in travel dates, times, and destination, you can end up saving yourself A LOT of money.

If you travel in the Spring or Fall, flights will likely be cheaper than if you want to travel during the Summer or during peak holiday times. Also, if you are willing to be a little more spontaneous with destination, you will likely be able to find a better deal or take advantage of a flash deal. You can make a list of places you want to visit and then just wait and watch until a great deal comes along to one of those places and book!

2. Google Flights

Emily's favorite search engine for cheap flights is Google Flights because it is really easy to use. The calendar option makes it easy to find the cheapest dates to fly. You might save yourself $50 or more by leaving a day earlier or later. Google Flights makes it easy to see this!

*Domestic Travel: always search Google Flights and Southwest. Southwest flights do not show up on Google Flights and sometimes they are really competitive in pricing.*


3. 24 Hour Refund Rule

See a good deal but you feel like you need to think about it and be sure you can make it happen? Generally, if you book directly with the airline, you get 24 hours to cancel for a full refund. Before booking, you will always want to look up the airline's specific policy to be sure.

The great deals don't always last a long time, and sometimes you need more than a few minutes to figure out work, kids, etc. So, you book now and plan within the next 24 hours. If you can't make the trip work, you cancel.

4. Compare Apples to Apples

You may find some really cheap budget airline fares, but they will charge you for all the extras (carry ons, seat selection, etc.). Budget airlines can be great ways to save money, but just be sure you know what extra fees you will be paying and account for that.

*With Southwest, you get two free checked bags -- so if you are going to pay for a checked bag on a Delta flight (likely $25 each way), compare this price with Southwest so you are really getting the best fares.*

5. Crossing the Ocean

Flying over the ocean can be the biggest expense when planning your trip. Don't be afraid to travel to and from other airports. For example, if you want to go to Germany -- maybe flights are $700 roundtrip, but you can find a flight into Amsterdam for $400 roundtrip, snag the flight into Amsterdam and take a train into Germany. Or you might be able to save yourself some money going out of LAX and then driving to LAX or getting a connecting flight.

*Caution: when booking separate tickets, be sure to give yourself a nice long layover to make the connection. Often you will have to leave the airport, pick up bags, and re-check in. If you miss your next flight due to delays, because it is not one reservation, the airlines will treat it as a no show and might make you pay for a new ticket -- which can really add up.*


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