Maternity Friendly Swimsuits by Albion Fit

March 02, 2020

Maternity Friendly Swimsuits by Albion Fit

We're back with another fit focused blog post! Recently, we've had several customers ask, "What swimsuits work well for women who are pregnant?" As always, we want our customers to feel loved and appreciated so we decided to create a blog post specific to this very question of maternity swim! Lucky for you, we try our best to design swims with all body types in mind! If you're reading this and are pregnant, keep reading to find the perfect swimmer for you! Trust us, it's here ;)


The Natalie

The definition of a classic one-piece swimsuit. Featuring adjustable tie straps at the shoulders and a long and lean bodice, this sexy modest swimsuit is perfect for wherever the sun takes you. The word "slimming" is an understatement.


The Savannah

Take a dive into the wild side with this cheetah (or leopard… whatever you feel like calling it) print. Everyone who sees you in this versatile, one-piece swimsuit will be roaring with jealousy.

Also available in: The Victoria and The Maile


The Mimi

The Albion Fit one-piece swimsuit that looks good on everybody. Part of our Groove Collection, this sustainable ribbed fabric is made of recycled material. The unique fabric adds a unique element to this classic silhouette. This perfect black swimsuit is calling your name.


The Rise Bralette, Cheetah & Cheetah Hipsters

Take a dive into the wild side with this Albion Fit cheetah print swimsuit (or leopard print… whatever you feel like calling it). Everyone who sees you in this piece will be roaring with jealousy. From the pool to the gym. The perfect swimsuit top AND supportive sports bra all in one. Silky soft material and adjustable straps make it everybody's go-to, no matter where you're going.

Also available in: Sage, Peonies, Butterscotch Plaid, and Matte Black


The Ballerina, Peonies

A suit for the ages. Our Ballerina One-Piece Swimsuit in our peonies print is perfect for splashing in the pool with your littles or laying out with your girls. A sexy modest suit that's perfect for short, tall, busty, curvy and every other body type out there. 

Also available in: Sandy Stripe and Matte Black


The Maria, Orchid

A best-selling suit in a best-selling print. The Maria one-piece swimsuit features a high mesh panel at front with a sweetheart neckline and a flattering cut at the legs. This sexy modest Albion Fit suit features a comfortable low back, gown straps, and 5 straps for a unique and feminine look. Perfect for lounging in and out of the pool. Great for small and large busts alike. Classic. Sophisticated. Timeless.

 Also available in: Cheetah

The Cabana

Sassy, classy and all things flattering. Introducing our nursing friendly, Cabana One-Piece Swimsuit.

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