Maternity Friendly Swimsuits by Albion Fit

March 02, 2020

Maternity Friendly Swimsuits by Albion Fit

We're back with another fit focused blog post! Recently, we've had several customers ask, "What swimsuits work well for women who are pregnant?" As always, we want our customers to feel loved and appreciated so we decided to create a blog post specific to this very question of maternity swim! Lucky for you, we try our best to design swims with all body types in mind! If you're reading this and are pregnant, keep reading to find the perfect swimmer for you! Trust us, it's here ;)


The Maria, Midnight Dash

One of our bestselling one pieces — now in classic Black Dash print. The flattering cut works on every body. The Maria One Piece features a mesh sweetheart neckline that is sophisticated, while a low back gives a sexy touch. Get coverage with all the feminine details you’re looking for in your favorite swimwear. Get the newest addition to our swim collection while you still can!

Also available in: The Carolina, Black Mesh


The Birdie

The definition of a classic one-piece swimsuit. Featuring adjustable tie straps at the shoulders and a light blue, micro floral pattern, this sexy modest swimsuit is perfect for wherever the sun takes you. The word "slimming" is an understatement. 

Also available in: The Pursuit, The Charleston, The Natalie


The Tiffany, Off Shoulder

Timeless and trusted, this gorgeous Albion Fit one-piece swimsuit is a true classic. Stunning florals and wide supportive straps elegantly connect an eye-catching square back to a bust-boosting twist-front bodice. Top it all off with strategic ruching that slims the waist and creates an alluring hourglass shape for coverage and comfort. Sleeves can be worn UP or DOWN.

Also available in: The Midnight Dash, The Tangled, The Victoria


The Rise Bralette, Tigerlily Maroon & Tigerlily Maroon Midi Bottoms

The epitome of cool. Our Rise Bralette can be worn to the pool AND the gym. This sporty, sexy swim-top AND supportive sports bra is ready for you... wherever you are headed!

Also available in: Emerald Tigerlily, Rosewood, CheetahCamo, Charleston, Palm Aqua, Palm Coral


The Jane, Icon Wave

A classic Albion Fit silhouette that's feminine and timeless featuring a one shoulder ruffle top. This fierce cheetah pattern is fun and sophisticated. An almost-tailored fit means everything stays put, giving you a tug free, confidence filled day the beach, pool, or wherever you take us with you! Truly, a one-piece swimsuit that will stand the test of time.

Also available in: Sydney