Maternity Swimsuits by Albion Fit

March 02, 2020 1 min read

Maternity Swimsuits by Albion Fit

We're back with another fit focused blog post! Recently, we've had several customers ask, "What swimsuits work well for women who are pregnant?" As always, we want our customers to feel loved and appreciated so we decided to create a blog post specific to this very question of maternity swimsuits! Lucky for you, we try our best to design full coverage swims with all body types in mind! All our maternity swimwear is ideal for a growing belly and sun protection. If you're reading this and are pregnant, keep reading to find the perfect maternity swimsuit for you! Trust us, it's here ;)


The Maria, Carolina

Also available in: Black Mesh


The Florence

Also available in: The Victoria, The Savannah, The Muse, Paradise Lost , Midnight Dash, Pink Checkers, The Palm, The Tiffany, and Chocolate Fern


The Hot Tropic

Also available in: Ocean + Coral, The Kate, The Charleston, The Daphne


The Eloise, Periwinkle & Hipster Bottoms, Periwinkle

Eloise also available in: Golden Hour, Ocean + Coral

Hipsters also available in: Matte Black, Santorini, Wailea Floral, Golden Hour, Black Checkers, Houndstooth, Pink Checkers, and Polo Stripe


The Bella Crop, Pink Ditzy& High-Waisted Swim Skirt, Pink Ditzy

The Bella Crop also available in: Santorini, Black Monroe, Blush Monroe

High-Waisted Swim Skirt also available in: Matte Black, Golden Hour, SantoriniPursuit, Houndstooth, Periwinkle, Black Checkers



Hang Ten Game ChangerMatte Black Hipster Bottoms

Hang Ten also available in: Mad Dash, Matte Black, Sydney

Hipsters also available in: Matte BlackSantoriniWailea FloralGolden HourBlack CheckersHoundstoothPink Checkers, and Polo Stripe

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