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July 20, 2018 5 min read


Here at Albion one of our biggest goals is to inspire confidence and love in women. In honor of this we have created a new movement called #albionswimspiration to help swimspire others and spread light and goodness. Scroll to see how these ladies have helped spread the #albionswimspiration message and the encouraging and uplifting words they have shared. We challenge you to join the movement and use #albionswimspiration when sharing words of love and confidence in your Albion!

"I overhear her sing the lyrics of songs i play in the car while she is playing with her toys. i see her reprimand her brother in the same tone i use when she is mad. i see her compliment people at every drive thru because she is showered with love & compliments everyday. because i make a conscious effort to never say negative comments about my body or how i look in clothes while i am with her...i watch her strut her stuff in whatever outfit or bathing suit i put her in. my influence as a mother is powerful & i won’t waste it. little eyes are always watching me. and we will continue to match until she denies me."


"Here’s to being your own swimspiration this summer and deciding that to get a beach body, all you have to do is get YOUR BODY, AS IS, to the beach (or pool, or lake, or WHEREVER you want to soak up the summer sun in your glorious skin!) @albionfit (a longtime fave!) asked me to be a part of their #albionswimspiration summer campaign, and as someone who wouldn’t dare be seen in public in a swimsuit for farrr too long (in fact, LAST summer was my FIRST Summer EVER that I decided to GET OVER IT!) I am SO excited to reclaim all those moments I missed—are you with me?!"



":: A Splash :: — Your little splashes may not rock the boat but they are being felt! Keep making those little steps to your goals! I’ll be making ‘splashes’ all summer long in this gingham beauty from @albionfit!! Wait till you see the back! I had such a hard time choosing just one swimsuit!!"



"Happy girls are the prettiest. -Audrey Hepburn #albionswimspiration Every day as I dropped my kids off for school this year, I saw the same woman (rain or shine...or blizzard!) standing outside directing traffic, welcoming kids, and frantically waving at EVERY person who passed. I never once saw her without a giant smile on her face. We began to call her "the happy lady" and looked forward to her beautiful smiling face every day. She chose to be happy no matter what chaos surrounded her and it was a beautiful thing to witness. #choosehappy"


@shelbyrevis @alwaysmeliss @itsybitsyindulgences
@claire_hiller @ashleynii @thetrendytomboy


"Hi. Just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful, you are amazing, you are perfect just the way you are and you are such a blessing to the world!! I feel like everyone deserves to hear that everyday. Life isn’t perfect, but you can do something everyday to spread light and kindness. Sooo...tell your loved ones how much they mean to you! Make new friends! Let’s all work to spread positivity ❤️ I love you guys! ☀️"



"It has taken me a long time to learn to love my body. If this pregnancy has taught me anything, it’s how strong and incredible my body is. It has created life, it’s overcome tragedy, it’s grown and stretched to accommodate the baby inside of me. I finally feel like I’m at a place where I’m grateful and proud of my body (pregnancy is super empowering, right?) 🙌🏼 I’m sure I’ll have to learn to love my body all over again after this sweet babe is born, but right now I’m loving my body - cellulite, stretch marks, back rolls and all."



"I’m about to be real honest here. I wasn’t the best role model to her when it came to loving myself. She’s heard me make comments like “I look chubby in this” or “Woah I need some makeup on” in the past. And when I started working on my body, I also started to change the way I talked to myself, especially in front of her. She listens to EVERYTHING and I never want her to view herself as anything less then beautiful. As a mom it’s my job to teach her self love and to be her example💕"


@hayliejean @the.real.slim.sadieee
@alliemboss @abravemess

"So ready for days filled with lots of swimming, pizza and sunshine! Something I’ve realized since becoming a mom is your kids literally couldn’t care less what you look like in a swimsuit. As long as you’re splashing and playing with them they are SO HAPPY! So suit up mama, radiate confidence and get out and play!"




"here’s to feeling confident in every stage of life 💛 grateful for a healthy body that created this perfect little beb 👶🏼 and also allows me to live an active lifestyle! running and exercising often HELP me feel more confident. 🙌🏼 i’ve been working hard to get back in shape since having miss Daph and after losing 30 lbs, i’m feeling pretty good! but i’m still wanting to improve and be better and push myself harder💪🏼 what is your fav way to exercise and stay in shape? 🏃🏼‍♀️ THANK YOU @albionfit for helping me feel confident at the pool too 🙏🏼🌞 our bodies are AMAZING! treat yours with a cutie new albion suit."


"Live Your Best You! 👙💦🌵Who are you outside of your job? What do you like to do when you aren’t working? You may not think that #familytravel has anything to do with my profession but as a play therapist I encourage a mentally and emotionally happy lifestyle. I promote wellness, fun, self care, family bonding, and giving yourself time to intentionally escape the everyday routine and utilize play as a way to heal from daily stressors and attach with your children, as well as reset, recharge, reactivate, and renew your mind, body and soul! No matter what you do for a living, don’t let it keep you in a box and prevent you from enjoying the world! Your job doesn’t define you. Your children won’t remember the days you worked in the office. They will remember you for the memories you created with them living your best life together."


"Be kind to your body. It has done and will do amazing things! Bloom in the season—and body—you’re in. 🌼"


@janeinsane_ @kaseygoedeker @navygraceblog
@cutenlittle @boymominjeans @drivenbylove_ 


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