30 Days of Giving with Albion Fit


A chill is in the air this morning; vibrant yellows and crimsons are now on the ground, having hung on as long as they could. I was starting to lament that winter is just around the corner but then I dug through my closet and found my favorite cozy cardigan... and it helped. Time to put away the Halloween decor and put out more pumpkins, bring out the spice scented candles, It's November 1st and it means the holidays are almost here.

As exciting as it was being a little kid, knowing that my responsibility was merely to FEAST on Thanksgiving day or to OPEN the presents under the tree on Christmas morning, I can honestly say that I'm loving this phase of life, too. Today, I'm the food prepper... I get to chop the vegetables and make the pies that fill our home with those delicious smells. I get the find, and wrap those gifts my favorite people can't wait to open. I'm realizing that being on the giving end vs the receiving end is not just what my role is during these holidays, but it's what I look forward to the most.

Ghandi once said, " The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Is there a better time of year for us to take these words and put them to work in our own lives? By serving others we not only lighten the burdens of those we help, but we give ourselves an opportunity to forget about our own pain and grief and worries. We bring peace and joy not just into the lives of those on the receiving end of our time and efforts, but we bring peace and joy into our own lives.

From day one, Albion has always been about people: the people we work side by side with, the people we design clothes for, and the people, known and unknown, that we can help because of our success. It's what makes what we do purposeful and fulfilling and truly, beautiful and miraculous.

We wanted to do something different this year to help share our passion for service. So this year, we've designed a calendar dedicated to ACTS of THANKS + GIVING with ideas to help make the lives of those around us, as well as our own, better. We believe that the quickest way to LOVE those around you, is to serve them. We realize there is a need and a beautiful renewed focus on learning to love ourselves these days, but with that said, we feel it is always a good time to love those around us.

We invite you to participate with us this November with these acts of kindness and service. We promise that you will feel an extra pep in your step, see at least one more smile creep across your face, and yes, an extra twinkle in your eye if you can find a way to give a little of yourself to make someone else's day a little more special. The great thing about this? It's contagious. Your goodness will spread and will trickle and so many lives will be touched. We are thrilled for this opportunity and can't wait for you to join us.

We've created a hashtag for the campaign and invite you to share #thanksandgiving . I can't wait to see what unfolds.

Let's do this.

Liz Findlay