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10 Go-To Full Body Exercises with Kenzie Tibbitts

December 29, 2017 2 min read

10 Go-To Full Body Exercises with Kenzie Tibbitts

Kick off the new year right with fitness trainer, Kenzie Aikido Tibbitts (@kenzieakiko)! Sharing her top ten go to full body movements that will sculpt your bod from head to toe! We're calling this your do-it anywhere workout routine. So what are you waiting for? Get that heart rate pumping and grab yourself a yoga mat and some weights to implement these exercises into your daily routine. Continue scrolling and tone it up! Repeat each workout 4x!

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1. Push-up to Side Plank (5 each side)

Keep elbows tight to your side on the pushup, and on the side plank tighten up those abs reaching straight to the sky.

2. Squat to Tricep Extension (15 reps)


Knees behind the ankles on the squat getting as low as you can. On the upward motion extend arms up with whatever weight you choose tightening those elbows up to your ears.

3. Alternating Jump Squats (25 reps)


Get low in the squat and power up from the ground. The higher the jump the better the burn!

4. Single Leg Bridge (15 Each side)


Extend leg straight out. With the other leg placed firmly on the floor thrust hips up to the sky tightening up your booty.

5. Bird Dogs (15 Each Side)


Extending opposite legs and arms make sure to tighten your abs, and squeeze your booty muscles.

6. Commandos (15 each side)

 Tighten your abs. Keep body as parallel to the floor as possible.

7. Flutter Kicks (40 each side)


Focus everything you have on keeping those abs tight and legs as straight as possible.

8. Squat pulses (30 reps)


You want to get low with these tightening up your quads but don’t come up all the way. Keep pulsing never fully straightening your legs.

9. Plank Leg Lifts (15 each side)


These are going to work your abs and your booty. So keep your core tightened while you focus on bringing to legs up tightening up your booty muscles.

10. Single Leg Floor Tricep Dips (15 each side)


Keep your leg straight with your knees even. Other leg placed firmly on the floor. Lift up your hips and make sure to dip as low as possible and really squeeze your triceps on the upward motion of the this exercise.


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