10 Go-To Ab Exercises with Kenzie Tibbitts


Got that summer beach body on your mind? No need to worry! We've teamed up with one of our favorite fitness gurus Kenzie Akiko Tibbitts (@kenzieakiko) to give you 10 ab exercises guaranteed to show results! Not only will you look good, but you'll FEEL good too ;) Check out this amazing and easy-to-follow circuit and make sure to repeat the workout 3x. YOU GO GIRL! (Featured Products: Black Exhale Bra + Millcreek Blue Leggings


1. IN & OUT CRUNCHES (15 reps)

Start with your legs straight out creating a V position, making sure your core is SUPER tight!

Then pull your knees into your chest.

2. SCISSORS (15 reps total)

Feet flexed, legs at a 90 degree angle, heel does not touch the ground. (alternating sides)

3. BICYCLE CRUNCH (15 reps total)

Start with your right leg straight out driving your left leg to your right elbow. (alternating sides)

4. FEET LIFTS (15 reps)

Start with both legs up, feet flexed.

Then drive your feet to the sky making sure you're using your core muscles to thrust your feet upward. When you drive your feet upward make sure you keep everything in a straight vertical line.

5. LEG RAISES (15 reps)

Start with your legs straight out horizontally. Don't let your feet touch the ground.

Then raise your legs to a 90-degree angle and repeat.

6. IN & OUT ABS (15 reps)

Start in an upright plank position...

Then jump using your core to drive your knees towards your elbows.

7. PUSH UP ABS (15 reps total)

Start in an upright plank position...

bending the elbow slightly using the oblique muscle to drive your knee to your elbow. Now go back to plank and repeat on the other side. 

8. SUPERMAN PLANK (15 reps total)

Start with the left arm down, right arm straight out & the right leg down, left leg straight out. Tighten your core to keep your balance. (alternating sides)

9. V-UPS (15 reps)

Start laying down flat, arms extended above the head. 

Using your core, lift your legs up into a V position with your hands extending straight out in front of you. 

10. MASON TWIST (40 reps total)

Feet extended out (the straighter your legs are, the harder these are) clasping your hands together alternating sides, touching your knuckles to the ground on each side.